Group leader

Group Members

Jonathan Stone
BSc PhD FAA, Unit Head
Allison Cameron
PhD, Research Student
Sivaraman Purushothuman
BSc (Hons), Research Assistant
Sally Stowe
PhD, Research Assistant
Siliva Bisti
PhD (University of L’Aquila), Research Associate

Research Activity

Research concerns the mechanisms which control the death and survival of neurones in degenerative retinal disease. The group has made a series of findings novel in the understanding of photoreceptor death and survival in a range of rodent models and in the human. New techniques and collaborations have been developed to take the analysis of the mechanisms of photoreceptor disease to the molecular level and to include the epidemiology of human disease. Clinical trials have been organised to deploy some of this knowledge.


Current joint projects include the use of dietary antioxidants, near-infrared radiation, and management of oxygen and light levels to optimize photoreceptor stability and slow the progress of degenerative processes. In parallel series of experiments the work is defining the regional and cellular responses of the retina to these forms of environmental manipulation, and is using microarray technologies to identify the signaling pathways involved.