Family Medicine Research Centre

The Family Medicine Research Centre, University of Sydney formally closed on 30 June 2016 (see press release).

Though the FMRC has closed, this website will remain active for the public good. It is a rich source of information and publications about general practice in Australia, and about terminology and classification in primary care.

Bettering the Evaluation and Care of Health (BEACH)

The (BEACH) program ceased data collection on 7 April 2016, after 18 years (see press release), and includes almost 1.8 million GP-patient encounter records. BEACH is the most valid, reliable GP dataset in Australia, proven to be nationally representative of patients at all Medicare-claimed GP services.

The BEACH data remains available for analysis and reporting. To find out more about what BEACH has to offer and how to get reports from the data, click here.

The 2015-16 BEACH reports (the two final BEACH reports) are available for free download here.

The University of Sydney HAs transferred the responsibility for the:
  • BEACH databases and the interactive web server to the Menzies Centre for Health Policy within the University. Christopher Harrison, Senior Analyst from the BEACH team remains the custodian of the data. Chris will facilitate analytical services to academic and commercial groups and other stakeholders needing analysis and data reports from the 18 years of BEACH data. Contact: Christopher Harrison: ph: +61 2 8627 5511
  • ICPC-2 Plus terminology used in many GP EHR software systems, and responsibility for the distribution and support of the International Classification of Primary Care on behalf of the World Organisation of Family Doctors (WONCA), to the National Centre for Classification in Health. Contact: Julie Gordon: ph: (02) 9351 9772

Professor Helena Britt and Associate Professor Graeme Miller will continue as BEACH Chief Investigators and custodians of the ICPC-2 Plus terminology in an honorary capacity.

Contact details

Helena Britt
P: 0411 197 938

Graeme Miller
P: 0412 465 585

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