Purchasing analysis of BEACH data

The BEACH study is funded by a consortium of interested stakeholders from government and industry. These stakeholders are given access to the BEACH data and are entitled to a number of Standard reports each year. If your organisation is interested in becoming a stakeholder then please contact A/Prof Helena Britt on (02) 9845 8150.

BEACH data are generally available for reports three months after collection. Eg: Data for the time period January to December 2014 would be available from the end of March 2015.

It is possible for non-stakeholders to purchase Standard "Problem", "Medication" or group reports based on the BEACH data. Non-standard analyses can also be tailored to suit particular needs, at an agreed fee.

PLEASE NOTE:  There are BEACH books and other publications freely available for download listed in our FMRC publications section.

Standard Data Reports

In order to give a better understanding of the reports available to purchase, we have made the following sample reports available to download:

Primary Health Network (PHN) reports available from BEACH data

You can request reports for geographic areas such as PHN's and state. A standard PHN report includes:

  • Inflow and outflow
  • Prevalence of chronic conditions & multimorbidity
  • Multimorbidity
  • Polypharmacy and Adverse drug events
  • Patient risk factors
  • Content of GP-patient encounters
  • Average length of consultation
  • Quality indicators

These are compared with the national average. Click here for more information regarding reports for PHN's and PHN pricing.

WAMTC (Weighted Average Monthly Treatment Cost)

You can now request WAMTC dosage data based on our BEACH data. The weighted average monthly treatment cost (WAMTC) is calculated for specific classes of medicines as part of the Pharmaceutical Benefits Pricing Authority's annual price reviews of PBS medicines. The WAMTC is calculated from dosage regimen prescribed by GPs. A single class is like a single standard report for stakeholder quotas and billing purposes.

Charges for data analyses

All prices quoted are in Australian Dollars (AUD) inclusive of GST.

Industry and government:

  • WAMTC (Weighted average monthly treatment cost) dosage data: single class $24,200.
  • Other subjects:
    • $24,200 for analysis of one year of BEACH data (incl. 1 day of senior analyst time)
    • $2,420 for each additional day of analysis required for the request
    • $1,210 for each additional data year accessed

For example:-

  • One standard report (problem, medication or group) on a single BEACH year will cost $24,200 and includes one analyst day.
  • One standard report (problem, medication or group) on three BEACH years will cost $26,620 ($24,200 + (2x$1,210)).
  • A tailored report on three years of BEACH data that takes three days of analyst’s time would cost $31,460 comprised of:
    $24,200 (analysis of one topic using one BEACH year)
    $ 4,840 (two additional analyst days @ $2,420 each)
    $ 2,420 (two additional BEACH years @ $1,210 each)

Academics, students and not-for-profit organisations:

SAND sub-studies and SAND Reports

Sample SAND report (on ICS in Asthma : 2006)

Associate Professor Helena Britt