ICPC-2 PLUS - licensing costs

General Practice licence fees (Australia only)

Copyright of ICPC-2 PLUS is held by the University of Sydney.

The Family Medicine Research Centre (FMRC) is the authorised distributor of ICPC-2 in Australia.


No charge is made to Developers who take out an ICPC-2 PLUS Developer licence. However, once the terminology has been installed and can be used for either clinical or research purposes, a separate end user licence must be signed by all users. Charges are associated with this licence (see End User section below).

End Users

Current licensing fees for ICPC-2 PLUS in Australia include 2 components:

  • the payment of a "one off" Wonca fee for the lifelong use of ICPC-2; and
  • an annual ICPC-2 PLUS site licence fee.

First year licence fees

Charges for the use of ICPC-2 PLUS in the first year include a "one off" user fee for the life long use of ICPC-2 set by the World Organisation of Family Doctors (Wonca), and an annual site licence fee.

Wonca fees are payable to Family Medicine Research Centre. The FMRC passes the total payment of the "one off" fee to Wonca at regular intervals. The monies received by Wonca will assist the Classification Committee in continuing its work in further developing classification systems for general practice. This Wonca fee is not GST taxable.

First year licence fees (effective February 2007):

WONCA + Annual = 1st Year
Single User $100 + $120* = $220
2-4 User $150 + $180* = $330
5-10 User $200 + $250* = $450
11-15 User $200 + $310* = $510
16-20 User $200 + $370* = $570
21+ User
$200 + $420* = $620
 * Includes 10% GST

Renewal licence fees (Year 2 and onwards)

The annual ICPC-2 PLUS site fee covers the provision of regular database updates. These updates are usually provided via your EHR software provider. You can also contact the FMRC with new terms to be considered for inclusion in the term set in time with the next update. The annual fee is GST taxable.

Annual renewal licence fees (effective February 2007):

Licenses Price *
Single User $120
2-4 User $180
5-10 User
11-15 User $310
16-20 User $370
21+ User $420
* Includes 10% GST


  • Site: Fees are calculated based on a single site. Site is defined as "shared medical records", rather than physical location. For multiple practice sites, the licensing fee can be negotiated.
  • Calculating the number of users: the number of users is calculated based on the number of Full Time Equivalent (FTE) clinical users of the system. Practice managers and administrative staff should not be included in this calculation.

Large groups and countries outside Australia

Large groups of practices may wish to organise a single licence for ICPC-2 PLUS, with a single contract and point of contact. Please contact us for more information.

Licences for using ICPC-2 PLUS outside Australia can be negotiated. Please note that the licence fees listed above are for Australia only and not applicable for overseas licences. Contact us for more information.