BEACH SAND Abstracts : Cardiovascular

4Cardiovascular diseaseAbstract
26Prevalence of diagnosed hypertension and difficulties in treatmentAbstract
30Lipid lowering medications and coronary heart diseaseAbstract
31Prevalence and severity of chronic heart failureAbstract
33Prevalence and management of cardiovascular risk factorsAbstract
38Prevalence of chronic heart failure, its management and controlAbstract
46Coronary heart disease, risk factors and lipid lowering medicationAbstract
54Secondary prevention of heart attack or strokeAbstract
57Prevalence and management of chronic heart failure in general practice patientsAbstract
59Hypertension management and control in general practice patientsAbstract
75Prevalence, management and investigations for chronic heart failureAbstract
76Patients with risk factors for metabolic syndromeAbstract
77Heart failure-underlying causes and medication managementAbstract
79Hypertension and dyslipidaemia--comorbidity and management in general practice patientsAbstract
86Diabetes Types 1 and 2 and coronary heart diseaseAbstract
87Management of cardiovascular or diabetes related conditionsAbstract
90Prevalence, management and investigations for chronic heart failureAbstract
92Metabolic syndrome and ethnic originAbstract
97Statin medication use among high CHD risk patients attending general practiceAbstract
98Management of hypertension and angina in general practice patientsAbstract
103Cardiovascular risk in patients attending general practiceAbstract
109Secondary prevention of heart attach and strokeAbstract
113Management of hypertension and hypercholesterolaemia among general practice patientsAbstract
122Hypertension and use of combination products in general practice patientsAbstract
139Secondary prevention of heart attack and strokeAbstract
140Atrial fibrillation/flutter in general practice patientsAbstract
149Dyslipidaemia and lipid managementAbstract
151Lipid medication use and cardiovascular risk in patients seen in general practiceAbstract
158Hypertension and benign prostatic hyperplasiaAbstract
166Hypertension, hypercholesterolaemia and diabetesAbstract
169Hypertension, comorbidity and blood pressure controlAbstract
174Atrial fibrillation/flutter in general practice patientsAbstract
177Multiple morbidity and chronic heart failureAbstract
178Warfarin use in general practice patientsAbstract
183Cardiovascular disease, risk factors, antiplatelet use and gastrointestinal side effects among general practice patientsAbstract
188Acute coronary syndrome among general practice patientsAbstract
191NSAID use, gastrointestinal and cardiovascular risk in general practice patients with arthritisAbstract
194Adult general practice patients' cardiovascular risk and lipid medication useAbstract
210Management of hypertension in general practice patientsAbstract
211Antiplatelet therapy in general practice patientsAbstract
218Management of hypertension in general practice patients – 2013Abstract
219Use of combination products in the management of hypertension in general practice patientsAbstract
224Cardiovascular disease risk in general practice patientsAbstract
227Care of patients with chronic heart failureAbstract


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