BEACH SAND Abstracts : Endocrine,metabolic and nutritional

4Body massAbstract
15Lipid lowering medicationAbstract
20Screening and management of blood cholesterolAbstract
21Diabetes - prevalence, management and screeningAbstract
25Prevalence of diabetes, medications and controlAbstract
30Lipid lowering medications and coronary heart diseaseAbstract
40Type 2 diabetes mellitus, prevalence and managementAbstract
45Diabetes mellitus prevalence, management and risk factorsAbstract
46Coronary heart disease, risk factors and lipid lowering medicationAbstract
50Risk factors of patients on lipid lowering medicationsAbstract
55Patient weight, perception of weight and weight lossAbstract
58Lipid lowering medications: patient eligibility under PBSAbstract
64Current use of statins by general practice patientsAbstract
67Risk factors of patients on lipid-lowering medicationsAbstract
68Patient weight, perception of weight and weight loss in adultsAbstract
69Patient weight, methods and medications tried for weight loss in adultsAbstract
71Patient BMI, morbidity and medication use in adultsAbstract
76Patients with risk factors for metabolic syndromeAbstract
86Diabetes Types 1 and 2 and coronary heart diseaseAbstract
87Management of cardiovascular or diabetes related conditionsAbstract
92Metabolic syndrome and ethnic originAbstract
94Type 2 diabetes—investigations and related conditionsAbstract
99Lipid management in patients with high risk conditionsAbstract
106Weight loss attempts and methodsAbstract
107Type 2 diabetes and dyslipidaemiaAbstract
108Type 2 diabetes among patients attending general practiceAbstract
113Management of hypertension and hypercholesterolaemia among general practice patientsAbstract
115Type 2 diabetes among general practice patientsAbstract
117Lipid management in patients with high risk conditionsAbstract
119Management of diabetes in general practice patientsAbstract
124Weight loss attempts among general practice patientsAbstract
130Diabetes Type 2 and dyslipidaemia in general practice patientsAbstract
135Diabetes in general practice patientsAbstract
138Dyslipidaemia in general practice patientsAbstract
148Type 2 diabetes, and blood glucose, lipid and blood pressure medication managementAbstract
149Dyslipidaemia and lipid managementAbstract
151Lipid medication use and cardiovascular risk in patients seen in general practiceAbstract
153Diabetes management and insulin initiationAbstract
164Type 2 diabetes, weight gain and blood glucose managementAbstract
166Hypertension, hypercholesterolaemia and diabetesAbstract
167Management of gout in general practice patientsAbstract
172Diabetes management in general practice patientsAbstract
173Type 2 diabetes resource useAbstract
176Comorbidity and management of gout in GP patientsAbstract
185Diabetes management and self-monitoring in general practice patientsAbstract
193Diabetes, macular oedema and dyslipidaemia among general practice patientsAbstract
197Chronic kidney disease and dyslipidaemia in general practice patientsAbstract
221Patient weight, perception and managementAbstract
225Patients with diabetes and practice-based continuity of careAbstract
229Pharmacological management of Type 2 diabetes among general practice patientsAbstract
233Type 2 diabetes management and referrals among general practice patientsAbstract


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