BEACH SAND Abstracts : Medicines

8Hormone replacement therapy (HRT)Abstract
8Prevalence of upper gastro-intestinal conditions and NSAID useAbstract
10Vaccination and mammographyAbstract
13The effect of the introduction of theraputic group premiums on patient careAbstract
15Lipid lowering medicationAbstract
17Private prescription productsAbstract
18Drugs for the treatment of peptic ulcer and refluxAbstract
18Musculoskeletal conditions and NSAID useAbstract
29Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) and acid suppressant useAbstract
30Lipid lowering medications and coronary heart diseaseAbstract
46Coronary heart disease, risk factors and lipid lowering medicationAbstract
49Health status and management of patients on non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugsAbstract
50Risk factors of patients on lipid lowering medicationsAbstract
51Use of proton pump inhibitors for gastrointestinal problemsAbstract
56Prevalence, cause and severity of adverse pharmacological eventsAbstract
58Lipid lowering medications: patient eligibility under PBSAbstract
60Prevalence of GORD and associated proton pump inhibitor useAbstract
62Use of proton pump inhibitors by general practice patientsAbstract
63Asthma-prevalence, management and medication side-effectsAbstract
64Current use of statins by general practice patientsAbstract
66Anti-psychotic medication use by general practice patientsAbstract
67Risk factors of patients on lipid-lowering medicationsAbstract
70Inhaled corticosteroid use for asthma managementAbstract
72Contraceptive use among female general practice patients aged 16-24 yearsAbstract
73Warfarin use in patients with qualifying morbidityAbstract
77Heart failure-underlying causes and medication managementAbstract
78NSAID & acid suppressant use in general practice patientsAbstract
81Prevalence and indications for gabapentin use by patients attending general practiceAbstract
88Arthritis rates and NSAID use in general practice patientsAbstract
96Inhaled corticosteroid use for asthma managementAbstract
97Statin medication use among high CHD risk patients attending general practiceAbstract
99Lipid management in patients with high risk conditionsAbstract
101Types of medicine use and patient use of medicines listAbstract
104Asthma management and medication use among patients attending general practiceAbstract
205Private prescriptions and generic substitution of medications in general practice patientsAbstract
229Pharmacological management of Type 2 diabetes among general practice patientsAbstract
230Patient use of generic medication substitutionAbstract


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