BEACH SAND Abstracts : Neurological

28Prevalence of Alzheimer's disease and dementiaAbstract
54Secondary prevention of heart attack or strokeAbstract
81Prevalence and indications for gabapentin use by patients attending general practiceAbstract
83Prevalence and management of migraine in general practice patientsAbstract
102Alzheimer's disease or dementia in patients attending general practiceAbstract
109Secondary prevention of heart attach and strokeAbstract
123Prevalence and management of migraine among general practice patientsAbstract
131Prevalence and management of migraineAbstract
152Migraine and acute/rescue medication use in general practice patientsAbstract
165Migraine and acute/rescue medication use in general practice patients – 2010Abstract
203Neuropathic pain in general practice patientsAbstract


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