BEACH SAND Abstracts : Risk

4Body massAbstract
6Alcohol useAbstract
7Physical activityAbstract
12Smoking and passive smoking in general practice patientsAbstract
15Lipid lowering medicationAbstract
20Screening and management of blood cholesterolAbstract
26Prevalence of diagnosed hypertension and difficulties in treatmentAbstract
30Lipid lowering medications and coronary heart diseaseAbstract
33Prevalence and management of cardiovascular risk factorsAbstract
35Smoking status of adults and their attempts to quitAbstract
45Diabetes mellitus prevalence, management and risk factorsAbstract
46Coronary heart disease, risk factors and lipid lowering medicationAbstract
50Risk factors of patients on lipid lowering medicationsAbstract
53Smoking status of adults and their attempts to quitAbstract
55Patient weight, perception of weight and weight lossAbstract
58Lipid lowering medications: patient eligibility under PBSAbstract
59Hypertension management and control in general practice patientsAbstract
67Risk factors of patients on lipid-lowering medicationsAbstract
68Patient weight, perception of weight and weight loss in adultsAbstract
69Patient weight, methods and medications tried for weight loss in adultsAbstract
71Patient BMI, morbidity and medication use in adultsAbstract
74Smoking and passive smoking in the homeAbstract
76Patients with risk factors for metabolic syndromeAbstract
79Hypertension and dyslipidaemia--comorbidity and management in general practice patientsAbstract
97Statin medication use among high CHD risk patients attending general practiceAbstract
99Lipid management in patients with high risk conditionsAbstract
103Cardiovascular risk in patients attending general practiceAbstract
106Weight loss attempts and methodsAbstract
117Lipid management in patients with high risk conditionsAbstract
118Risk factors for osteoporosis among general practice patientsAbstract
151Lipid medication use and cardiovascular risk in patients seen in general practiceAbstract
181Influenza and pneumococcal infection risk and vaccination status among adult general practice patientsAbstract
183Cardiovascular disease, risk factors, antiplatelet use and gastrointestinal side effects among general practice patientsAbstract
191NSAID use, gastrointestinal and cardiovascular risk in general practice patients with arthritisAbstract
192Influenza risk, vaccination and diagnosis among general practice patientsAbstract
208Lifestyle risk factorsAbstract
224Cardiovascular disease risk in general practice patientsAbstract


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