Past commissioned research

Year Subject Funding organisation
2011 Comparison of morbidity managed in general practice in the Hunter region and other rural areas of NSW NSW Health
2010-11 Development of a project plan for an International SNOMED CT General/Family Practice RefSet and map to ICPC-2 International Health Terminology Standards Development Organisation (IHTSDO)
2010 BEACH sub-study of prevalence and management of CKD Kidney Health Australia
2009 Development of a project plan for an Australian SNOMED CT General Practice RefSet and maps National eHealth Transition Authority
2008 BEACH Changes in Pathology Ordering 04-05 and 07-08 Australian Association of Pathology Practice (AAPP)
2008 Cost projections of allowing GPs to order MRI for selected problems Australian Medical Association (AMA)
2007 Low back pain Usyd, Physiotherapy, Health Sciences
2007 Mapping the Australian Medicines Terminology to the WHO ATC Drug Classification National eHealth Transitional Authority
2006 The potential ordering of MRI scanning by general practitioners and the health care and economic outcomes which may result from removing the current MRI ordering restrictions. Australian Medical Association
2006 ICPC-2 Plus to SNOMED-CT mapping to evaluate the applicability of SNOMED-CT to general practice activity data collection and analysis in Australia Australian Institute of Health and Welfare
2005 The clinical activities of general practitioners in the Victorian Community Health Service Departnent of Human Services, Victoria
2005  Mapping a sample of ICPC-2 Plus terms to SNOMED-CT and gap analysis of the result National eHealth Transitional Authority
2005 General Practice EHR and data query minimum data set development General Practice Computer Group
2004 Development and pilot testing of a consumer questionnaire  Department of Health and Ageing, Diagnostic and Technology Branch
2004 Measuring the clinical activities of registrars in the Victorian metropolitan training program, in each stage of training Victorian Metropolitan Alliance
2004 Secondary research on BEACH on work related problems managed in general practice National Occupational Health and Safety Council
2004 Further development of the interactive web server access to BEACH data for pathology and imaging Department of Health and Ageing, Diagnostic and Technology Branch
2004 Research from BEACH on encounters with patients holding a DVA card Department of Veterans’ Affairs
2004 Leakage Health Insurance Commission (HIC)
2004 GP consultation length & downcoding HIC Commission
2004 URTI analyses and report of CVD National Institute of Clinical Studies
2004 RRMA analysis procedures, imaging, admissions RACGP
2003 Study of Registrars clinical experience during stages of training Institute of General Practice Education
2003 Study of Registrars clinical experience during training North Coast GP Training
2002 A history of pathology ordering in general practice 1998–2001 Quality Use of Pathology Program, DoHA
2002 FRACGP–does it make a difference comparison of practice patterns of FRACGP and non FRACGP geberal practitioners RACGP
2001 A general practice computerised active data collection validation study RACGP & Western Sydney Division of General Practice
2000 The development of a code set for imaging orders by general practitioners and a study into diagnostic imaging requests by general practitioners Diagnostics & Technology DHAC
1999 A feasibility study of the development of a pathology ordering code and classification system for general practice Diagnostics & Technology, DHAC
1999 Further analyses of the RACGP Curriculum Survey data RACGP
1999 Assessment of Medicare costs incurred by Registrars and development of a model for future cost assessment in the new funding agreement RACGP
1999 Comparison of 1998 practice patterns of GPs who completed the RACGP Training Program in 1997 and a random sample of other GPs, by use of Health Insurance Commission data. RACGP
1999 General Practice Data Model and Core Data Set Project Department of Health and Aged Care
1999 ICPC–2 PLUS in the UMLS–Australian section DHAC
1999 Pathology ordering by general practitioners in Australia Diagnostics & Technology, DHAC
1998 Cryptosperidium–rates of presentation of gasto-intestinal infection in areas affected by high levels of cryptosperidium NSW Health
1998 Divisional BEACH program—Townsville Townsville Division of General Practice
1998 Further analyses of the RACGP Curriculum Survey data RACGP
1998 Longitudinal analysis of HIC data to establish normative standards of the management of gastro-oesophageal reflux disease in general practice Astra Pharmaceuticals.
1997 A longitudinal outcome study of the management of gastro-oesophageal reflux disease in general practice Astra Pharmaceuticals.
1997  Development of a clinical incident monitoring computerised program for implementation in all family planning clinics Willis, Corroon Richard and Olivier Pty Ltd
1997 A comparison of practice patterns using Health Insurance Commission data for GPs who have completed the RACGP Training Program and those who have not RACGP
1996 Morbidity and therapeutic data collection in Victoria Department of Human Services, Victoria
1996 Infrastructure support to develop classifications and analytical methods NSW Health
1996 ICPC Plus in Community Health, a feasibility study NSW Health
1996  The development of a research protocol for a study of direct postal education of depressed patients Eli Lilly
1996 The natural history of upper gastrointestinal symptoms in Australian general practice and treatment outcomes in patients with symptoms suggestive of gastroparesis. Janssen Cilag
1996  Mapping of ICPC PLUS to ICD-9-CM and validation of mapping Department of Veterans' Affairs
1996 A study of the management of upper gastrointestinal problems in general practice in Australia Astra Pharmaceuticals.
1996  Development of a "front end" and "search engine" for ICPC PLUS for use in state Veterans' Affairs offices Department of Veterans' Affairs
1995–96 A double blind randomised controlled trial of Venlafaxine (an anti-depressant) and Fluoxetine in general practice. Wyeth Pharmaceuticals
1995 Assessment of GP knowledge and attitude to shared care programs in the Area. The Western Sydney Area Health Board
1995 Developing interventions which could reduce the occurrence of adverse patient incidents in general practice. Taskforce on Quality in Australian Health Care,Department of Human Services and Health
1994 Work activities in CHC general practitioners: data collection from Community Health Centre GPs, comparative statistical analysis with AMTS Victorian sample. National Centre for Health Program Evaluation
1994 Work activities of CHC GPs and comparison with SA sample of the AMTS. Data collection, analysis and report. SA Community Health Research Centre, Flinders University
1993–94 Pilot project: incident monitoring in general practice Professional Indemnity Review (PIR)

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