Research - Overview of programs and projects

Ongoing research

Research - Bettering the Evaluation and Care of Health (BEACH)

The BEACH program continuously collects information about the:

  • patients seen;
  • reasons people seek medical care;
  • problems managed; and
  • treatments provided in general practice in Australia.

It uses a cross-sectional, paper based data collection system developed over the past twenty years in the Department of General Practice, University of Sydney. Data generated is used by researchers, government and industry.

See the BEACH section for more details and Publications to download the latest reports.

Current projects

Our researchers investigate a wide variety of topics covering the breadth of Australian general practice. Some of our current interests include:

  • prevalence and patterns of multimorbidity in general practice patients
  • adverse drug events in general practice patients
  • pathology ordering by GPs
  • development of an international general practice SNOMED CT reference set and map to ICPC-2
  • development of a tool to examine the relationship between the age-sex distribution of the population, disease prevalence and medication use.

Please contact us for more information.

Future projects

To complement the current BEACH data collection, we are actively planning to develop a longitudinal general practice patient cohort study. This will allow us to describe the management of patients and track patient outcomes over time.

Completed projects

This section is under construction.