About forensic medicine and science activities

The Sydney Forensic Medicine & Science Network was formed to bring together the diverse research activities undertaken and to highlight the teaching / educational opportunities in forensic medicine & science available through the University of Sydney.

Those who work in forensic medicine & science in NSW provide an important service to the community in various capacities as members of Government and non government based organisations. One way to ensure that service activities remain cutting-edge is through interactions at the academic level with others working in this area. Hence, apart from enhancing the academic activities in forensic medicine & science at the University of Sydney a second priority of the Network is to foster the development of wider academic links across sub disciplines as well as different organisations in forensic medicine & science in NSW.

The Network welcomes students of forensic medicine & science to join so they can obtain a broader education and understanding of this discipline. Corporate membership of Institutes, government or non-government organisations working in or involved in forensic medicine & science is also sought.

By joining the Network you will have access to others with common interests in forensic medicine & science.

Goals of the Network

  • Encourage high quality research into forensic medicine & science
  • build capacity in the academic practice of forensic medicine & science
  • develop and deliver new short courses in forensic medicine & science
  • interact with those at the service delivery end of forensic medicine & science to ensure academic input into their work.

As the Network grows it is expected that it will evolve into a formal Institute within the University of Sydney.