Individual members

Individual members (A - C)

Dr Ali Abbas

Senior Lecturer, School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, the University of Sydney. Interest: Bone DNA degradation studies.

Dr William Allender

Senior Forensic Medical Scientist, Clinical Forensic Medicine Unit, Forensic Services Group, NSW Police Force.  Work Involved in evaluating driver impairment through the effects of drugs and/or alcohol; provision of advice to the Coroner, Medical Officers and Police Department on drug/poison and alcohol matters, evluation of breath analysis equipment.

Dr Rick Alterator

Doctor and lawyer. Five Star Medical & Blue Water Legal.  Interest: Medical and legal practice.

Dr Lana Anderson

Forensic Medical Officer, VIFM. Work involved in clinical forensic medicine.

Dr Robert Anderson

Retired Government Medical Officer. Previously worked in Glebe Morgue, now self employed. Work involved in: post mortems for coroner.

Dr Stuart Anderson

Forensic Physician, NSW Police Force. Currently employed by NSW Police as a Forensic Physician. Provides a range of Clinical Forensic Medical Services to Police, DPP, Coroner etc which include matters relating to alcohol/drugs and driving, murder, assault, sexual assault and related issues. Member of the Australian College of Legal Medicine.

Dr Joanne Arciuli

Lecturer, Faculty of Health Sciences, The University of Sydney. Research interests include the investigation of linguistic indicators of deceptive vs. truthful communications.

Dr Jonathan Arnold

Senior Lecturer, Department of Pharmacology, University of Sydney. Work involved in : Pharmacology and Toxicology, Drugs of Abuse.

Ms Mandy Ashton

Forensic Nurse Examiner, Sydney West Area Health Service. Ms Aston is a Clinical Nurse Consultant.

Dr Christine Aus

VMO, Hunter New England Sexual Assault Service, Collection of forensic specimens from victims of sexual assault; preparation of expert certificates, attendance in court as an expert witness.

Professor Balaraj BM

Prof & Head Forensic Medicine & Toxicology Sri Shivarathreswara Nagar JSS Medical College JSS University Mysore 570015 Karnataka India. Work involved with Medico Legal work, teaching and training PGs.  Interest : to undertake research in collaboration with Sydney University.

Dr Elvira Bardon

Visiting Medical Officer Sexual Assault Service at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.

Dr Maria Bastas

GP/VMO, Sexual Assault Clinic at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.

Ms Vivien Beilby

Senior Forensic Biologist, Division of Analytical Laboratories.  Work involved with biological evidence recovery, DNA testing and DNA profile interpretation.  Also presentation of evidence in court.

Dr Sonia Belen-Balitactac

CMO Sexual Assault, SSWAHS - RPAH, Liverpool, Campbelltown Work involved in: sexual assault and drug health.

Dr Kim Bell-Anderson

Lecturer, Human Nutrition Unit, University of Sydney.  Keen interest in forensic medicine. A biochemist in the area of nutrition and metabolism. Expertise in measurement of gene expression, protein expression and nutritional analysis of samples.

Professor Roy Beran

Neurologist and President, Australian College of Legal Medicine. Professor Beran has qualifications in both medicine and the law.

Mr Roderick Best

Director, Legal Services, NSW Department of Community Services. Work involved in: information relevant to the care and protection of children at risk of harm.

Dr Marcus Bishoy

Medical Practitioner, SSWAHS. Background in pharmacy. Graduated from Sydney Uni in 2008. Since then completed a MBBS and now trying to work in this field.

Dr Paull Botterill

Senior Staff Specialist Pathologist employed by the Queensland Health Forensic & Scientific Services. Based in Cairns, Queensland.

Dr Philip Boughton

Biomed Eng A/Lecturer, Program Manager, Biomedical Engineering The University of Sydney. Work involved in Bone; Joint Biomechanics, Spine Biomechanics, Fractographic analysis, Materials Failure Analysis, Finite Element Analysis.

Dr Vlasios Brakoulias

Clinical Lecturer, Psychological Medicine, SWAHS, University of Sydney. Dr Brakoulias particularly interested in accessing clinicians in nearby forensic facilities for the purposes of teaching and medical students and broadening their exposure to mental health issues. Research area - OCD.

Dr Arthur Matthew Beresford

Private Practice, Self Employed. Work involved in: Coronial Autopsies Interested in seminar on drug levels in blood and what they mean, how should the results be interpreted?

Clinical A/Professor Katherine Brown

Clinical Stream Director, Population Health & Primary Health Care, South East Sydney Illawarra Health. Work involved in: Sexual Assault

Dr David Bruce

Senior Forensic Biologist, Division of Analytical Laboratories. Dr Bruce has been a Forensic Biologist for the last 11 years. Since 2008 a Team Leader at DAL for the Cold Case Justice Project, an initiative of the NSW police force, which has reviewed historical unsolved homicide and sexual assault cases in NSW pre 2000 for potential DNA evidence. 

Dr Allan Cala

Forensic Pathologist. Hunter New England Health. Lecturer, University of Newcastle. Affiliate member, Faculty of Forensic and Legal Medicine, RCP(UK). Full time Forensic Pathologist. Interests in Ethics, expert evidence and death certification and training of future forensic pathologists.

Ms Mhorag Campbell

Senior Forensic Biologist, Division of Analytical Laboratories, Sydney West Area Health Service. Previously employed as a Forensic Biologist at LGC Forensics in London. Interested in all areas of Forensic Science, specialities are DNA interpretation and Forensic Biolgy.

Dr Elizabeth Carter

Professional Officer, Vibrational Spectroscopy, University of Sydney. The Vibrational Spectroscopy Facility, a research facility of the School of Chemistry, houses a variety of research grade instrumentation which can be used for the characterisation and identification of a wide range of samples.Vibrational Spectroscopy is comprised on two technques include Raman and infrared (IR) spectroscopy. These techniques are a non-destructive, non-invasive, allow for in-situ analysis and have a high lateral resolution. Forensic applications of vibrational spectroscopy include: ink analysis, counterfeit notes, paint chip, and the use of mobile IR and Raman spectrometers for sample identification in the cases of homeland security, scene of crime or hazmat incidents.

Miss Marian Casey

Anatomy Lab Technician, Macquarie University. Completed a degree at UTS in 2009 in Forensic Biology. Worked at Sydney University (Lidcombe) as a Lab Technician, dissector and embalmer in 2009. The last two years Marian has managed the surgical skills and anatomy lab of ASAM at Macquarie University. Currently completing a Masters in Primate Osteology.

Mrs Annarine Chapman

Qualified nurse, student in forensic mental health - masters degree, University - Griffith. Currently studying Forensic mental health. Working full time in the health sector as a nurse in accident and emergancy and general nursing. Hoping to work in the forensic field especially with sexual and violent assault cases, the victims.

Dr Kim Chen

CMO, SSWAH-Liverpool Hospital Sexual assault examiner. Interested in further research in this area.

Dr Donald Chiou

Post-Doctoral Researcher, School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, University of Sydney. Scientific and Engineering based investigations. Instrumentation and Analysis. Microscopy Skills.

Miss Emily Clarke

Forensic Biologist, Sydney West Area Health Service, Division of Analytical Laboratories, Lidcombe.

Dr Shelly Clarke

VMO Wollongong & Shoalhaven Hospitals, South East Area Health. On roster for Sexual Assault at Wollongong Hospital and Shoalhaven Hospital.

Mr Nicholas Cowdery, AM, QC

Director, Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions.

Dr Roslyn Crampton

Forensic Medicine Unit SWAHS. Emergency physician working in trauma and injury management, disaster medicine and sexual assault service in Sydney West and NSW Institute of Medical Education and Training.

Ms Deborah Colbert

Forensic nurse examiner, South Eastern Sydney Illawarra Area Health. Work involved in: Adult sexual assault examinations for Shoalhaven Hospital and maternity care following sexual assault.

Mr Stuart Cole

Agt Laboratory Manager, Department of Molecular & Clinical Genetics, RPAH, Sydney south west Pathology Services. Interest: Molecular genetic aspects of forensic medicine i.e., Mitochondrial sequencing, identification of human remains.

Dr Chris Cooper

General Practitioner, University of Sydney. VMO Sexual Assault Unit, SSWAHS, RPAH.

Sgt Jonathan Cooper

Forensic Operations Manager, Australian Defence Force Investigate Service. Sgt Cooper have 60 CSI's operating world wide under his management and he is directly involved in crime scene investigations. He would like to use the network as a research tool and a mechanism to keep abreast of changes / current practice within Australia.

Miss Melissa Cullen

Forensic Biologist, NSW Police. Work involved in Mitochondrial DNA Analysis at NSW Police Forensic Services Group.

Individual members (D - G)

Dr Claudio Corvalan Diaz

DVM, Research Associate, Anatomy & Histology Department , School of Medical Sciences University of Sydney. Dr Diaz is a veterinary doctor expertise in orthopedic surgery and radiology. Interest in developing some projects in veterinary forensic science.

Dr Mary Dobbie

VMO Sexual Assault Service at RPAH and Liverpool Hospital.

Mr John Dodson

Engineer/Network manager, Physiology/University of Sydney. Work involved in : Forensic analysis of various computer/email/file and related matters. Assisting Members in use of Computers & Networks.

Dr Louise Dolan

Sexual Assault VMO, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.

Dr Denise Donlon

Dr Denise Donlon is curator of the shellshear Museum of Physical anthropology and a senior lecturer in the Discipline of Anatomy and Histology, University of Sydney. She coordinates primate anatomy and forensic osteology courses. Research interests include forensic anthropology and taphonomy of the Sydney region, dental and postcranial skeletal variation and identification of non-human bones. She is a consultant to the NSW Department of forensic Medicine and a member of the RAAF Specialist Reserves where her role is in the recovery and identification of Australian war dead.

Dr Edwina Dorney

Obstetrics and Gynaecology Registrar, St George Hospital Work involved in: Sexual Assualts (presenting via the Emergency Depeartment).

Professor Olaf H Drummer

Head, Forensic Scientific Services and Head, Department of Forensic Medicine, Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine and Monash University. Work involved in: forensic pharmacology and toxicology.

Clinical Professor Johan Duflou

Professor Jo Duflou is a Consulting Forensic Pathologist, Clinical Professor, University of Sydney. Professor Jo Duflou has provided consultancy work in various fields of forensic medicine and forensic science, including but not limited to the interpretation of inflicted and accidental lethal injuries, death scene assessment, time of death, toxicology, medical negligence matters and non-lethal injury assessments. Opinions have been provided to all parties in disputes, including defence and prosecution counsel. Evidence has been given as a retained consultant in criminal, coronial, family law, medical negligence and civil cases and judicial inquiries in numerous jurisdictions, including most Australian States and Territories, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, USA, Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore.

Sr Regis Mary Dunne RSM, AO.Sister of Mercy

Expertise in ethics and medical practice. Previously member of Human Research Ethics Committees and various National Health and Medical Research Council committees including Australian Health Ethics Committee and the Gene and related Therapies Research Advisory Panel.

A/Prof Peter Dwyer

Barrister & Mediator (Acc. M. Leadr), Maurice Byers Chambers. President, Australian Academy of Forensic Sciences. Practice areas include: Common Law, Administrative Law, Professional Disciplinary Proceedings, Coronial Inquests, Criminal Law, Human Research and Experimentation Law, Sports Law.

Dr Kerri Eagle

Dr Kerri Eagle is a Forensic Psychiatrist. She has dual qualifications in medicine and law. Prior to becoming a Psychiatrist she practised as a lawyer in civil litigation for 6 years. Dr Eagle is employed by Justice Health as a Staff Specialist and has clinical responsibility for patients at the high secure Forensic Hospital in Malabar. She is Chair of the Medical Staff Council for Justice Health. She prepares forensic psychiatric reports on behalf of various parties to assist the Court in determining criminal disposition or sentencing issues. She has published articles on medico legal issues in peer reviewed medical and legal journals.

Professor Gary Edmond

Future Fellow, School of Law, UNSW. Professor and Director of the Expertise, Evidence & Law Program, School of Law, at the University of New South Wales. Specialises in the study of expert evidence and the relations between law and science. Originally trained in the history and philosophy of science, he subsequently studied law at the Universities of Sydney and Cambridge. An active commentator on expert evidence in Australia, England, and the US, A member of the Society for the Social Study of Science (US), a reviewer for the National Science Foundation (US), and recently served as an adviser to the Goudge Inquiry into Paediatric Forensic Pathology in Ontario. He is currently engaged in a collaborative multidisciplinary project on expert identification evidence with other lawyers, psychologists and forensic scientists, and an empirical study of expert evidence in the courts of New South Wales sponsored by the Australian Research Council. He is a member of the Council of the Australian Academy of Forensic Sciences and will commence an ARC Future Fellowship on the forensic sciences in 2010.

Dr Ann Ellacott

VMO Wollongong Sexual Assault Unit, SESIAHS. Work Involved in: adult and child sexual assault.

Dr Glena Elitt

Retired. Alumni: University of Sydney Faculty of Science. Have just completed PhD(USyd) through Faculty of Pharmacy (Clinical Research) after RN BSc(Usyd) MPrel(Syd) MSafetySc(UNSW) GDipEd(USyd) CertQA(NATA). Have always been multi/interdisciplinary professional, academic and consultant.

Mrs Barbara Etta

Principal, BEtta Consulting. Adjunct Professor, Edith Cowan University, Western Australia. Criminal lawyer with science qualifications. Working in Coronial area and with matters involving forensic science. Particular interest in miscarriages of justice. Graduate of Sydney Uni in Pharmacy. 30 years policing experience in various jurisdictions of Australia. See

Dr Rochelle Facer

Emergency Physician, Concord Hospital.

Mr John Farrar

Principal Consultant, Green Light Consultancy Pty Ltd. Forensic toxicology (particularly breath-alcohol analysis) and road safety.

Dr Salim Farrar

Senior Lecturer in Law, Faculty of Law. University of Sydney. Academic lawyer specialising (in part) in comparative criminal justice (procedure and evidence), and exploring procedural, ethical(religious) and evidential difficulties faced by prosecution and defence in the collection of forensic evidence and its legal application. Have some background on the use of forensic science in Asia and Malaysia, in particular.

Dr Geoff Fisher

Forensic Medical Officer, Queensland Health. Currently employed by Queensland Health. Provide a range of services to Police, DPP, and Coroner, these include matters relating to alcohol/drugs and driving, assault, sexual assault and reportable deaths. Fellow of the Australian College of Legal Medicine. Member of Faculty of forensic and Legal Medicine (RCP).

Dr Lai Heng Foong

Emergency physician, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, also work in sexual assault. Interest: Dr Foong would like to learn more about forensic medicine, meet with like minded people and discuss issues in Forensic Medicine.

Ms Michele Franco

Senior Forensic Biologist, Group Manager, Division of Analytical Laboratories. Interested in recovery of biological evidence,DNA interpretation and new technologies.

Dr Adrienne Freeman

Dr Freeman is an Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, Adrienne Freeman (Medical) Pty Ltd. Work involved in adult and child sexual assault and domestic violence, unwanted pregnancy and suicide.

Mrs Virginia Friedman

Forensic Biologist, Division of Analytical Laboratories. Work involved in forensic biology and DNA profiling.

Dr Shaung Fu

Dr Fu is a Forensic Pharmacologist, NSW Police Force, Clinical Forensic Medicine Unit. Dr Fu graduated from Sydney University, PhD in Pharmacology.

Dr Geoff Fuller

Director Mid North Coast Pathology Service. Coronial medical officer providing autopsy service to the lower and mid North Coast for 25 years. 240 cases per year. Associated with the Forensic unit in Newcastle.

Dr John Gall

Forensic Physician, Southern Medical Services. Dr Gall's work involved in: clinical work, research, teaching and registrar supervision.

Dr Maureen Gallagher

Senior Medical Officer, Yarrow Place (Adelaide) Work involved in: Clinical aspects of forensic medicine.

Dr Roger Garcia

Immunopathologist RPAH Lab Services; Director HIV Services SSWAHS. Retrospective diagnosis of infectious disease in particular blood borne viruses.

Dr Paul Gaudry

Emergency Physician, Clinical Senior Lecturer, University of Sydney. Dr Gaudry's work involved in: Emergency Medicine; Sexual Assault Service, SWAHS.

Miss Jae Gerhard

Forensic Biology Consultant Independent Forensic Services. Having worked in the operation forensic field for many years Jae now provides independent forensic science consultancy in the areas of forensic biology, DNA analysis and interpretation and blood stain pattern analysis.

Dr Margaret Gibbons

General Practitioner /sexual assault examiner, self-employed.

Dr Bronwyn Gock

CMO and GP, SESIAHS, Earlwood General Practice. Syd Uni Alumni. Work - Delivery of clinical services.

Mr Robert Goetz

Acting Deputy Director, Division of Analytical Laboratories, Lidcombe NSW. Interests and affiliations include the management of forensic laboratories (forensic biology, DNA, illicit drugs and physical evidence). Other affiliations are National Association of Testing Authorities Australia (NATA), Biology Specialist Advisory Group, Senior Managers of Australian and New Zealand Forensic Laboratories.

Dr David Goldberg

VMO Forensic - Sexual Assault, Links House (Shoalhaven Hosp) SESIAHS Work involved in child and adult sexual assault.

Dr Pamela Gower

Forensic Odontologist, DOFM.

Mrs Nicole Greenway

Scene Of Crime Officer, NSW Police. Work involved in Crime Scene, particularly high volume crime.

Dr Rebecca Griffin

Dr Rebecca Griffin is a dental anthropologist, conducting research into the use of amino acid racemization to estimate age-at-death of forensic and archaeological remains.

Dr Leslie John Griffiths

Forensic Medical Officer, Clinical Forensic Medical Unit, Queensland. Dr Griffiths has completed a Master's Degree in Forensic Medicine from Monash University, interested in all aspects of forensic medical practice especially toxicology, injury interpretation, and coronial advice.

Dr Peter Gunn

Operations Manager, Forensic Biology, NSW Police Force Forensic Services Group. Involved in : all forensic biology (serology, biochemistry), nuclear DNA analysis, mitochondrial dna analysis, other molecular biological applications to forensic sciences.

A/Professor Naren Gunja

Clinical and Forensic Toxicologist at Westmead Hospital. Work involved in: Forensic toxicology; medico-legal toxicology; heavy metal poisoning; recreational and illicit drug poisoning.

Individual members (H - L)

Professor Paul Haber

Head of Discipline, Discipline of Addicition Medicine, The University of Sydney. Professor Paul Haber is a NHMRC Practitioner Research Fellow and a Chief Investigator in studies examining treatments for alcohol dependence and comorbid mental health disorders, the molecular basis for alcoholic liver disease pathogenesis, the effects of prescription opioids on driving performance, and the genetic basis of alcohol dependence. His expertise lies in the management and treatment of addiction, with research interests extending to the public health implications of that addicition.

Mr Setya Haksama

Lecturer in the Department of Health Policy and Administration, Faculty of Public Health, Airlangga University, Surabaya, Indonesia. Setya’s interests include disaster risk reduction and management.

Dr Gary Hall

Forensic Medical Officer, Clinical Forensic Medicine Unit, Brisbane, Queensland Health. Currently working in aspects of adult sexual assault, toxicology with repect to drug driving; providing expert witness testimony to the courts; assisting with coronial matters: specifically Form 1a matters related to cause of death; provision of medical servies to watch house detainees.

Dr Paula Hallam

Independent Forensic DNA Consultant (working for Defence lawyers), self-employed. Dr Hallam worked for many years as a Forensic Scientist (DNA) in Perth, WA. Managed cases, overseeing the examination of exhibits and the subsequent DNA analysis, producing reports for the Courts and appearing as an expert witness for the Prosecution. In recent years have moved to NSW and now offer an independent opinion to Defence lawyers regarding DNA evidence.  Most of her work is currently in NSW and Queensland.

Dr Susan Hayes

Senior Honorary Fellow, University of Wollongong.  Affiliated with UAP, University of The Philippines, Diliman. Palaeontology, Museum Geology, Indonesia, and Archaeology, Silpakorn University, Thailand.  Dr Hayes involved in Facial identification.

Dr Ken Hazelton

VMO Orange Base Hospital, On Call Sexual Assault Forensics, GWAHS. Sexual assault medical examinations for Orange Sexual Assault Service. Clinical teacher for Syd U Orange Clinical School, Medicine.

Mr Waseem Hermiz

Forensic Biologist, NSW Forensic and Analytical Science Service (NSW FASS), part of NSW Health Pathology. Mr Hermiz has worked in forensic biology at the Institute of Environmental Science and Research Ltd (ESR) in New Zealand for more than six and a half years, currently working as a forensic biologist at the NSW FASS. Prior to working with NSW FASS, worked as a forensic biologist at NSW Police - Forensic Services Group for two and a half years. Also worked as a forensic trainer/lecturer for the Canberra Institute of Technology and the University of Canberra for just over six months in a training program for Iraqi forensic scientists both in the biological and chemical criminalistics areas. Completed an MSc in Biological Sciences from the University of Auckland, NZ, with a forensic science project using messenger RNA in semen to aid in the investigation of sexual assault crimes. Also, a member of ANZFSS and ISFG forensic societies.

Mr Kurt Herrmann

Technical Officer, Biological Sciences, University of Sydney.  Mr Hermann is a technical officer in the Biological Sciences dept. for molecular Biol. Interested in post graduate studies in the fields of forensics.

Professor John Hilton

Professor Hilton undertakes a wide range of consultancy work in the area of forensic pathology and forensic medicine. His contact number is: 02 4782 6010 Email:

Dr Kerry Horadam

General Practitioner, Self employed.

Dr Susan Hines

Clinical Lecturer, Psychological Medicine, University of Sydney. Work involved in: Addiction Medicine, Drug and Alcohol detoxification & rehabilitation, Opioid maintenance pharmacotherapy.

Mr Clifford Hobden

lecturer and author, forensic expert, Canberra Inst of Technology. Mr Hobden has been a provider of expert evidence in Forensic Document Examination (FDE) since 1999 firstly with the NSW Police and now as a private practitioner. He has been both a teacher and writer of curriculum in FDE at the Canberra Institute of Technology. His special interest is in the scientific validation and measurement of expertise in handwriting/signature comparisons. 

A/Professor Bob Hoskins

Director, Clinical Forensic Medicine Unit Qld. The unit acquires, interprets and delivers medical information for the criminal and coronial courts as well as providing healthcare to detainees in police custody. We cover every aspect of clinical forensic medicine.

Dr Alanah Houston

Forensic physician / career medical officer, sexual assault, SSWAHS. Dr Houston was a forensic physician /Police surgeon for a UK police force until April 2008, covering the range of custody medicine and clinical forensic medicine. Currently employed in a Sexual Assault Service, dealing with both adults and children.

Dr Tony Hunt

Retired Veterinary Surgeon. Sydney University Alumni. Have a long term interest in forensic study, and now that Dr Hunt has retired, he is looking to pursue that interest at least at some level, would like to evaluate and perhaps research methods of rapidly distinguishing human from animal bone fragments. Dr Hunt would like to join SFMS Network and learn from the other members.

Dr Rosemary Isaacs

Medical Director Sexual Assault (elect), Central Sydney and South West Sydney Local Health Areas, Australian Association of Forensic Physicians, NSW Health Primary Health and Community Partnerships, Forensic and Medical Sexual Assault Examiners Austrlia, Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (Chair of the Special Interest Network in Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence). Care concerning interpersonal violence and child abuse, and also developing resources to support the training and professional development of Doctors in Sexual Assault medicine as a special interest within relevant Specialist disciplines including General Practice.

Ms Julie Jackson

Clinical Nurse Specialist SANE, SESIAHS. Ms Jackson is a trainee sexual assault nurse examiner. This site would be beneficial in relation to professional development. Most of the SANEs in NSW are working in isolation.

Dr Sue Jennings

Police (Forensic) Medical Officer, NSW Police. Work involved in Clinical Forensic Medicine.

Dr Sandra Johnson

Consultant Developmental Paediatrician, Private Practice: Child Development Paediatrics, Clinical Lecturer, Sydney University. Private practice in Child Development, providing medico-legal assessments of children with brain injury secondary to MVA/other accidental injuries and assessments of children with cerebral palsy. Fellow of Australian College of Legal Medicine. Interest: Teaching of Legal Medicine to medical undergraduates.

Dr Tracy Johns

Medical Coordinator/GP, Sexual Assault Referral Centre, Darwin and forensic assessment of sexually abused adults and children.

Dr Rebecca Johnson

Wildlife Genetics and Microscopy Unit, Australian Museum.  Dr Johnson involves in the field of wildlife forensic science - especially the idenfitication of animal species or individuals using molecular techniques. 

Dr Pamela Jolliffe

General Practitioner, Forensic Physician SESIAHS. Work involved in: Sexual Assault examinations. Interest : Clinical forensic medicine

Ms Kelly Jones

Forensic examiner, Western Sydney Local Health District.

Dr Roysln Jones

Medico-Legal Officer, RPAH. Coordination of matters relating to Coronial cases in RPAH.

Professor Manfred Kayser

Full Professor (Hoogleraar 1), Chairman of Forensic Molecular Biology Erasmus University and Erasmus University Medical Centre Rotterdam, The Netherlands.  Research projects including : Human Genetic Variation and Geographic Ancestry Y Chromosome Genetics and Applications Degeneration of Biomolecules and Applications Genetics of Human Externally Visible Characteristics Human Population Origins and Migration History. Professor Kayer is a member of the post-graduate research school "Medical Genetics Centre South-West Netherlands" (MGC) and a member of the Erasmus MC Master of Science research program "Molecular Medicine".

Dr Michael Kennedy

Consultant Physician & Clinical Pharmacologist. Work involved in: Interpretation of the clinical and forensic aspects of prescribed and nonprescribed drugs.

Mr Aaron Kernaghan

Solicitor and Barrister at Law, Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions. Mr Kernaghan was the guest speaker at the 2009 Sydney Forensic Medicine & Science Conference providing insight and perspective on forensic practice from the point of view of the state's prosecuting authority (the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions) for which he is working with. He is keen to continue to further develop those connections in this area.

Mr Zane Kerr

Senior Forensic Biologist, Division of Analytical Laboratories (NSW Health). Extensive experience in the identification and recovery of biological evidence and its individualisation using DNA analysis techniques.

Dr Nin Kiu

General Practitioner, Campsie Medical and Dental Centre. Interested in Forensic Medicine as a sub-specialty.

Mr Kristian Knight

Lecturer, Mortuary Theatre Practice at TAFE, Sydney Institute, Ultimo. Senior Mortuary technician, Department of Forensic Medicine, Glebe, NSW.

Mr Steve Kokkinis

Computer Support Officer, The University of Sydney. Steve holds a degree in Chemistry and a Masters in Molecular Biotechnology.

Dr D M Kolos

General practitioner, self-employed. Interest: forensic medicine.

Miss Elena Komarenko

Forensic Biologist, former Forensic Toxicologist. Graduated from UTS, Biotechnology. Work at Forensic and Analytical Science Services. Work involved in forensic biologist and toxicologist, Rotarian in the field of science.  Interested in the volunteering, deployment, research and networking with fellow scientists.

Dr Lydia Kovach

VMO - Sexual assault Unit, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. Dr Kovach works in sexual assault for over a decade. She has been enrolled in postgraduate studies with VIFM through Monash Universities Forensic Medicine course.  interest : traffic medicine.

Dr Carmella Law

Head of Curriculum, Notre Dame University School of Medicine and RPAH Sexual Assault Unit.  Work involved in Training and contact with others who work in Sexual Assault area.

Ms Melanie Lecompte

Reporting Officer, NSW Police Force.  Work involved in forensic biology and bloodstain pattern analysis. 

Dr Charles Lee

General practitioner. Conjoint lecturer University of Newcastle.

Ms Julie Letts

Principal Policy Analyst (Clinical Ethics), NSW Health. Member of the Australasian Association of Bioethics and Health Law. Ethics related to health-related concerns in prison populations, illicit drug use/testing/treatment, use of deceased bodies for research or therapeutic purposes.

Dr Stefanie Leung

Research Fellow, Addicition Medicine, The University of Sydney, Drug Health Services, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. Dr Leung was awarded a PhD for her thesis entitled 'Driver Behaviours when Sober and Under the Influence of Alcohol: The Effect of Additional Task Demands and Driver Age' in 2007. Since that time she has pursued research in the field of drugs/alcohol and driving performance and is one of very few young researchers in Australia working in this area. She has been instrumental in establishing a Driving Simulator Laboratory located at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital to investigate the effects of both illicit and prescribed drugs on driving behaviours in health and disease. She is currently a Chief Investigator on both a NSW Health Grant and NHMRC Project Grant examining driving behaviours among patients receiving long-term opioid maintenance therapy and is committed to improving the understanding of these problems to lessen the negative public health impact in Australia.

Professor Michael Levy

Director, Corrections Health Program, ACT Health. Work involved in: Population Health, Custodial Medicine.

Dr Mun Tong Liang

Staff Specialist ( sexual health), Sydney West Area Health service, Nepean Sexual health Clinic. Work involved in: Sexual assault forensics.

A/Professor Nicholas Lintzeris

Clinical Associate Professor in Addiciton Medicine, The University of Sydney. Drug Heatlh Services, SSWAHS. An experienced clinician and researcher in the field of opiate maintenance treatment. Co-author of the national clinical guidelines regarding buprenorphine and methadone treatment in Australia. He has conducted numerous research projects involving methadone and buprenorphine, and is currently a Chief Investigator on both a NSW Health Grant and NHMRC Project Grant examining driving behaviours among patients receiving long-term opioid therapy.

Dr Alexandra Lord

Forensic Medical Officer, Sexual Assault Service, NSCCAHS. Work involved in : Sexual Assault Examinations. Interest : Clinical Forensic Medicine

Individual members (M - R)

Dr Ian Mahoney

Forensic Medical Officer, Clinical Forensic Medicine Unit, Qld Health.

Dr Susan Marks

Staff Specialist Paediatrician & Forensic Physician, The Children's Hospital at Westmead. Dr Marks is a Forensic paediatrics (Child protection), Medical Head of the Child Protection Unit, Children's Hospital at Westmead.

Clinical A/Professor Geof Marshall

Clinical A/Professor University of Sydney, Director Emergency Department, Bathurst Base Hospital. Currently doing Master Forensic Medicine via VIFM.

Ms Ruby Masson

Previous Scientific Officer DNA, The University of Sydney. DNA extraction, analysis and databases available for matches.

Dr Slade Matthews

Lecturer, University of Sydney. Teaching senior (3rd year) toxicology course (PCOL3011) in the Pharmacology Department, Sydney Medical School. The course includes material on drug identification, pharmaco/toxico - kinetics, and forensic toxicology.

Ms Cheryl Maylin

CNS 2 (Se xual Health) / Trainee SANE, South Eastern Sydney Illawarra Area Health Service, Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (current Trainee).

Dr Brian McDonald

Managing Director DNA Consults. With more than 20 years experience in the testing and interpretation of DNA and has been involved in DNA trials from the introduction of DNA to courts in NSW. Expert Witness in courts in Australia and SE Asia regarding DNA evidence. Provides teaching seminars to professions engaged in DNA evidence collection, testing and interpretation and legal practitioners engaged in trials involving DNA evidence.

Dr David T McDonald

Senior Specialist Paediatrician, Hunter New England Area Health Service. Work involved in: Paediatric forensic medicine. Interest : forensic medicine and science training.

Professor Iain McGregor

Professor of Psychopharmacology, School of Psychology, University of Sydney. Work Involved in: Drug addiction and drug abuse, prescription medicines, analytical toxicology, effects of drugs and alcohol on driving.

Ms Melanie Meredith

Forensic Biologist, NSW Police Force. Completed the Postgraduate Diploma in Forensic Science and Masters in Science, majoring in Forensic Science, at the University of Auckland. Employed at the ESR in NZ, working in the Forensic Biology department from 2007 - 2011. This included experience within the DNA Databank and Reference team, training in biological screening and examination, as well as the implementation of Laser Microdissection into Forensic Casework.

Dr Erica Mills

Semi-retired large and small animal practice owner. Registered practitioner with the Veterinary Board. Interest: zoonoses.

Dr Emily Miller

Postdoctoral Research Associate, Prof Mats Olsson, The University of Sydney. Dr Miller is a Molecular Biologist.

Ms Lynn Mitchell

Senior Statewide Educator (Sexual Assault), Western Sydney Local Health District. Work involved in training sexual assault counsellors in delivering counselling and crisis intervention to victims of sexual assault within NSW Health.

Dr Douglas Mears

Fmr Director Transplant Labs, Syd Uni, RPAH , CEO and Consultant,TransMed Pty Ltd. Dr Mears' interest during his professional life has been focused on laboratory medicine with particular reference to transplantation. There has been a major shift in the development of new technologies in the field of immunobiology, tissue typing DNA sequencing and analysis etc which can be applied to forensic biology. As President of the Australasian College of Biomedical Scientists, Dr Mears would like to see the College establish a strong collaboration with the tertiary institutions who are involved in the teaching of forensic biology.

Dr Lauren Monds

Researcher, Central Clinical School, Sydney Medical School. Dr Monds completed her PhD thesis on predictors of false memories following a distressing event. She has lectured in Forensic Psychology in the Masters of Criminology in the Faculty of Law. Dr Monds is currently a researcher in the field of addiction medicine at the Central Clinical School.

A/Prof Ewan Mylecharane

Honorary Associate Professor, Department of Pharmacology, The University of Sydney. Principal research activities relate to classification of 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT; serotonin) receptors, and the roles of 5-HT in neuropharmacology and cardiovascular pharmacology. Dr Mylecharane have over 30 years of experience in teaching general pharmacology to Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry and Science students at the University of Sydney. Recently have been involved in patent litigation involving drugs regulating the actions of 5-HT, as well as providing reports to the State Coroner in matters involving toxic and other adverse effects of drugs related to 5-HT mechanisms and other drugs in general.

Dr Soomro Najeebullah

Dr Soomro Najeebullah is a PhD Scholar, University of Sydney. Work involved in forensic odontology.

Prof Kasinathan Nadesan

Professor Nadesan is a Forensic Pathologist and Head of Department, University of Malaya. Royal College of Pathologist Australasia. Senior Consultant Forensic Pathologist of 42 years experience and also a qualified forensic clinician. Vast experience in autopsies and clinical forensic medicine and provided expert evidence in Sri Lanka, UK, Malaysia and Australia. Held Senior Consultant Forensic Pathologist post in Australia for eight years. Extensively involved in teaching under and postgraduates and also conducting exams in forensic medicine and forensic pathology. Also been a visiting examiner in Singapore, Colombo and Sudan. Had been an external assessor for PhD candidates from India and Australia. Published text book in forensic medicine, contributed chapters to books and articles in journals. Have vast experience in giving oral and documentary evidence in various types of courts in various countries.

Dr Amanda Neill

Medical education consultant emergency services NSW. Work involved in: anatomy, pathology, histology and histopathology and their clinical and forensic applications.

Ms Sharon Neville

Forensic Biologist, DNA Laboratory Manager, Division of Analytical Laboratories. Employed as a Forensic Biologist with the Division of Analytical Laboratories for over 20 years. Currently Manager of the DNA Laboratory. Extensive experience of DNA interpretation and provision of expert testimony.

Mrs Elizabeth Newland

Forensic nurse examiner, Blacktown Forensic Medical Unit.  Work involved in collection of forensic evidence in sexual assault victims, documentation of injuries in victims of domestic violence.

Dr Maria Nittis

Staff Specialist Forensic Medical Unit, SWAHS. Dr Nittis works involved in: Clinical Forensic medicine - sexual assault domestic violence.

Dr Christine Norrie

Acting Medical Director SSWAHS Sexual Assault, Child Protection Consultant CPU Children's Hospital Westmead, SSWAHS. Dr Norrie works involved in: Injury interpretation & forensic investigation for cases of child abuse (physical & sexual) & neglect; adolescent abuse;adult sexual abuse (male & female) injury interpretation for domestic violence, toxicology opinion, mental health assessment.

Prof Mike O'Connor

Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. RANZCOG lecturer in Management of Sexual Assault, Masters in Health Law (Sydney), Masters in Forensic Medicine (Monash).

Prof Ben Oldroyd

Professor of Behavioural Genetics, School of Biological Sciences, University of Sydney. Identification of paternity and origin of insects using microsatellites.

A/Professor Matthew M. Orde

Whole time forensic pathologist since 2005, now based in Vancouver, Canada. Registered as a specialist in both Anatomical Pathology/Cytopathology and Forensic Pathology in UK and Australia. Prior experience in UK, Australasia, Pacific Islands, and Africa. Training undertaken in UK, Republic of South Africa, and Australia. Whilst training I also held the post of Assistant Deputy Coroner for the City of Brighton and Hove. Medically and legally qualified (Called to the London Bar in 2000). Interests include the provision of expert medical evidence to courts of law, medical education, cardiac pathology, traumatic neuropathology, aviation pathology and mass disaster / humanitarian work. Married with three children. Dual British and Australian nationality.

Dr William Owen

Forensic Pathology Registrar, Department of Forensic Medicine, Glebe. Currently training in Forensic Pathology, and work part time at the Department of Forensic Medicine at Glebe and Liverpool Hospital.

Dr Inadi Paola

TMVC - Travel Doctor.

Dr Jo Ann Parkin

Forensic Physician, Victorian Institiute of forensic Medicine. Work involved in : sexual assault & physcial assault examinations, fitness for interview, expert opinions.

Dr George Paul

Senior Consultant Forensic Pathologist; Branch Director - Technical Capabilities, Forensic Medicine Division, Health Sciences Authority, Singapore.  Practise of Forensic Medicine & Pathology, teaching and training undergraduate medical students and postgraduate trainees - both anatomical and forensic path, in Forensic Pathology, clinical examinations for age estimation - application to the 3 predominant races in Singapore & Malaysia, Postmortem CT Imaging, Medical jurisprudence, Medical Ethics, have worked on trauma scoring and injury triage in clinical vs forensic settings, mass disaster management and participation, Biosafety and radiation safety management and BSL3 and BSL4 autopsies, Forensic toxicology.

Dr Helen Paterson

Lecturer in Forensic Psychology, University of Sydney. Currently working as a Lecturer in Forensic Psychology at the University of Sydney. Dr Paterson research investigates how discussion amongst eyewitnesses can influence the accuracy of their individual memories. Currently working with the New South Wales Fire Brigades to investigate the impact of post-incident debriefing on psychological wellbeing and recall of events. Previously worked with the New South Wales Crime Commission and the New South Wales Police.

Dr Kerryn Payne

Lecturer/Medical Officer, School of Public Health, University of Sydney/ Emergency Department, Westmead Hospital. Formerly employed as a Forensic Officer at the Victoria Forensic Science Centre involved in DNA analysis. Then employed by NSW Police as a Scene Of Crime Officer (SOCO). Dr Payne now work as a medical officer in emergency medicine. Interest : interested in ways of better preserving forensic evidence whilst not comprimising patient care in the emergency situation. As a lecturer in public health, Dr Payne also interersted in biosecurity.

Dr Anne Piper

Community Paediatrician/Child Protection, John Hunter Children's Hospital.

Dr Mark Pfeiffer

Child Protection Registrar, Children's Hospital @ Westmead. Work involved in: Child Protection Assessments (PANOC and CSA), Adult Sexual Assault.

Mr Glenn Porter

Senior Lecturer in Forensic Science, University of Western Sydney. Secretary-General of Australian Academy of Forensic Sciences. Work involved in: Forensic Photography & Imaging.

Mrs Tatiana Prolov

A/Deputy Director Forensics, Division of Analytical Laboratories, Sydney West Area Health Service. Managing the Forensic Toxicology Branch of the Division. Member of ANZFSS and TIAFT. Affiliated with the Specialist Advisory Group for Forensic Toxicology. NATA assessor.

Dr Vasudeva Murthy Challakere Ramaswamy

Dr Ramaswamy is the Course director forensic pathology and clinical forensic medicine at International Medical University, Malaysia.  Dr Ramaswamy would like to have research collaboration, training and also connect to other professionals.

Dr Shamini Ramoo

VOM/GP. Dr Ramoo works at Sexual Assault Service, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and Liverpool Hospital.

Dr Jennifer Raymond

Crime Scene Officer, NSW Police Force Forensic Services Group. A crime scene officer with specialised experience in mark recovery (detection, enhancement and photography of fingermarks, shoemarks etc) and a qualified shoe mark examiner. PhD research in factors affecting trace DNA evidence recovery and interpretation.

Dr Tony Raymond

Chief Scientist, Forensic Services Group, NSW Police Force. Work involved in : all aspects of forensic science and medicine - both laboratory and field based. Suggestion: Leadership facilitation - particularly in medicine;also, niche forensic service delivery and postgraduate forensic medicine courses.

Professor James Robertson

Professor of Forensics, University of Canberra. Research and Professional interests - hairs, fibres, botany, illicit drugs, general trace evidence, forensic management and intelligence, use of forensic science, and forensic science and the law. Teaching interests - anything related to the application of science to forensic issues.

Dr Michael Robertson

Dr Robertson is a Forensic Toxicologist, Director and Senior Consultant of Independent Forensic Consulting. He is a qualified expert in drug and alcohol-related matters with more than 20 years professional experience. Consults and evaluates matters of forensic concern associated with pharmacology and toxicology of alcohol and other drugs and poisons to prosecution, defence and plaintiff lawyers and provides testimony as an expert witness to courts of law in all states and territories of Australia. Provides expertise in all drug and alcohol related matters including blood and urine drug testing; hair testing; LFT, CDT and EtG testing; drug facilitated sexual assault; DUI and DUID; cause or contribution to death; cause or contribution of accidents including motor vehicle and workplace accidents; environmental and exposure matters. Advises clients on the results of drug analyses, interpretation of results and investigational matters. Provides oral and written reports and expert opinions to pathologists, law enforcement and legal professionals, testing facilities and other interested parties as to the validity and significance of toxicological findings pertaining to the issues in the case. Performs research in matters of toxicological concern for education, publication and presentation. Provides educational presentations to students, companies, legal and other interested groups on scientific and forensic matters.

Ms Sarah Robinson

Scientific Officer, work involved in - Human identification with an emphasis on skeletal remains; DNA analysis and interpretation of biological samples; Work Health and Safety.

Dr Simon Rodda

Emergency Consultant, SSWAHS. Emergency care delivery to patients in police custody, victims of crime- sexual and physical assault, victims of domestic abuse - child protection, motor vehicle accident victims and specimen collection from persons involved in traffic incidents, certification of deceased patients, mental health act and drug related injury and death. Interest : Dr Rodda would like to become involved with education, research and policy development for emergency care providers in order to improve quality of care for victims of crime.

Ms Helen Roebuck

Forensic Biology Consultant at Independent Forensic Services.  Having worked in the operation forensic field for many years, including within Australia and the United Kingdom, Helen now provides independent forensic science consultancy in the areas of forensic biology, DNA analysis and interpretation and blood stain pattern analysis, and is an experienced expert witness in these fields.

Dr Stephen Ross

General Practitioner, Young District Medical Centre.

Mrs Fiona Rose

Senior Forensic Biologist, Division of Analytical Laboratories. Interest: evidence recovery, DNA interpretation and Forensic Biology.

Individual members (S - Z)

Dr Ahmad Sadek

Senior lecturer of forensic medicine, North East Medical College, Bangladesh.

Dr Elina Safro

Visiting Medical Officer at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Sexual Assault Service; Medical Education Coordinator at Family Planning NSW delivering training to GPs in Reproductive and Sexual Health; and Medical Officer at the Ashfield and Dubbo Clinics; Senior Professional Member at the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

Dr Catherine Sansum

Staff Specialist, Canberra Hospital. Child At Risk Health Unit, Clinical Forensics ACT. Dr Sansum works involved in: Clinical forensic medicine, Sexual assault, Child abuse.

Ms Deb Sayers

Forensic postmortem technician, Dept of Forensic Medicine, University of Sydney. Work involved in forensic postmortem with a particular interest in forensic anthropology.

Dr Molly Schafer

Clinical Neuropsychologist, private practice.  Work involved in conducting neuropsychological assessments for forensic cases, previously worked at Corrective Services NSW.

Dr Peter Scott

General Practitioner. VMO, Goulburn Jail. Associated with Justice Health.

Dr Rebecca Scott Bray

  Lecturer, Socio-Legal Studies, University of Sydney. Interest: research into coronial law and practice, death investigation systems, forensic medicine, law and society, medico-legal and forensic criminology.

Mr Mark Sculthorpe

Director / Student, Forensic Accident Investigation & Reconstruction Pty Ltd Motor Vehicle Collision Reconstruction, Personal Injury Causation and Analyses, Forensic Vehicle Examinations, Forensic Vehicle Examination (Collision Fraud). Former member NSW Police (Accident Investigation Squad / Crash Investigation Unit) 16 years in total, Director of F.A.I.R. Pty Ltd 12 years, Widely Accepted as Expert Witness by ODPP, Crown Solicitor, Police Services, Law Firms (Senior Counsel), Insurance Companies.

Ms Alison Sears

Forensic Biologist, Forensic Services Group, NSW Police Force. Work involved in - Forensic Science delivery at crime scenes, Screening of crime scene exhibits for biological fluids and trace DNA, Sampling and carrying out DNA testing on various forensic sample types, identification of human remains/DVI, training and education of NSW Police (forensic investigators, sworn and unsworn and detective/investigators) regarding all matters of forensic biology and DNA, lecturing to under graduate students on complex forensic cases and related forensic biology topics.

Miss Ivana Sesardic

Forensic Biologist, Division of Analytical Laboratories. Involved in Forensic Biology and DNA profiling. Interested in research in these areas.

Prof Chris Semsarian

Molecular Cardiologist, University of Sydney / and Department of Cardiology at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.

Dr Philip Sharp

PMO NSW Police Force, Self Employed. Police forensic work, including murder, sexual assault and assault. Drug addiction. Surgical and orthopaedic health of prisoners. Health of indigenous people.

Dr Kyle Shaw

Associate Medical Examiner at the Florida District 5 Medical Examiner's Office, USA. Alumnus of the University of Sydney MB BS 2003.

Professor Mahabalesh Shetty

Department of Forensic Medicine, K S Hedge Medical Academy, Nitte University, Mangalore, India. Member of Indian Medical Association, Karnataka Medciolegal Association, Asia Pacific Association of Medical Toxicology. Work involved in anthropology, odontology and pathology. Professor Mahabalesh Shetty Would like to share his knowledge and learn from the members.

Dr Lesley Shorne

Sexual Assault Medicine Clinician, Yarrow Place Rape & Sexual Assault Service.

Dr Liliana Shwartz

Forensic Pathologist, NSW Department of Forensic Medicine, 42-50 Parramatta Road, Glebe 2037 Work involved in: Forensic pathology and toxicology.

A/Professor B Suresh Kumar Shetty

Associate Professor and In-charge Head of Department of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology, Kasturba Medical College Mangalore, Manipal University.  Work involved with public health, epidemiology, suicidology, traffic medicine, toxicology. Medical Ethics; law in relation to medicine, medical education and Endocrinology. With a view to establish as an international partner with the university in overall development.

Dr Jeffrey Shi

Manager, Analytical and Testing Laboratory, School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, University of Sydney. Involved in forensic engineering and science in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, Environment Science and Material Science.

Dr Pritinesh Indar Preet Kaur Singh

Forensic Medical Officer, Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine. Work involved in Sexual Assault Examinations, Physical Assault Examinations, Fitness for Interviews.

Dr Najeebullah Soomro

Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Sydney, PhD Candidate, Postgraduate Fellow. Work involved in forensic odontology.

Mrs Rosie Soos

Work involved in post mortems and histopathology

Professor Tania Sorrell

Professor of Clinical Infectious Diseases. Director, Centre for Infectious Diseases and Microbiology, Sydney Medical School, the University of Sydney. Interest: Biosecurity - infectious diseases and microbiology; emerging infections.

Dr Margaret M Stark

Director of the Clinical Forensic Medicine Unit for NSW Police Force. Adjunct Professor in the Faculty of Medicine of The University of Sydney. Providing clinical and forensic care to detainees in police custody and complainants of assault. Teaching and training forensic physicians, custody nurses and paramedics. Producing good practice guidelines and educational documents.

Mrs Nicola Stark

Scientist in Biochemical Genetics, NSW Health. Work involved in forensic psychology, DNA extraction and analysis, forensic pathology and anthropology.

A/Prof Linda Starr

School of Nursing and Midwifery, Flinders University. Work involved: developing a role for forensic nurses in South Australia. Teaching forensic nursing in the School of Nursing and Midwifery. Undertaking a PhD on forensic documentation of elder abuse.

Dr Amanda Stephens

PhD Student and Tutor, Faculty of Law (PhD) Tutor (Faculty of Medicine). Interest: the research for Dr Stephens' PhD has included an emphasis on forensic medicine and its use in legal decision-making in cases of child abuse. A background in both law and medicine, interested in the intersection of these disciplines, particularly as regards forensic issues in child abuse.

Dr Lila Stephens

Staff Specialist, Paediatrician, Widebay Area Health Service. Work involved : conducting physical abuse and sexual abuse / assault assessments in children under 18 years of age. Interest: clinical paediatric forensic medicine.

Dr Ronald Strauss

CMO, SSWAHS Worked as a CMO in public psych hospital for many years and in the last decade or so, in drug health in various settings including withdrawal,rehab and maintenance therapies.

Dr Herawati Sudoyo

Scientist in Charge Forensic Laboratory, Eijkman Institute for Molecular Biology. Work involved in: mtDNA testing.

Dr Anne-Louise Swain

Clinical Forensic Medical Officer, Clincal Forensic Medicine Unit Southeast Region Queensland. Work involved in: Traffic Medicine, Custodial Medicine, Sexual Assault Complainant Examination, Assault complainant, Offender Examination (Sexual assault, assault, murder etc, Death Scene Investigation, Interpretation of medical records for the courts including for the Coroner, Forensic Toxicology.

Dr Paul Tait

Staff Specialist Paediatrician, Children's Hospital Westmead. Work Involved in: Assessing children who are referred where physical and sexual abuse and or neglect are suspected. Interest: Dr Tait would like to undertake more formal training in forensic medicine and hope this education will materialise here in NSW. Keen to teach but will have to learn firstly.

A/Professor David Templeton

Senior Staff Specialist and Clinic Manager, RPA Sexual Health, Senior Lecturer Kirby Institute, University of New South Wales. Interest: Sexual Assault medicine.

Dr Lydia Tong

 Zoo, Wildlife, and Forensic Veterinary Pathologist. Currently the diagnostic pathologist at Taronga Zoo, Sydney providing a diagnostic service to the Sydney and Dubbo zoological collections as well as a wide range of free-living Australian Wildlife presenting to the Wildlife Hospital. Provision of veterinary forensic consultancy in cases involving both domestic and wild animals.   Professional forensic experience involves post-mortem examination, histopathology, imaging, comparative osteology and osteopathology, and project management of complex cases. Specific research interests include non-accidental injury of animals, and the concomitant abuse of people and animals by perpetrators of domestic violence.

Ms Margaret Traill

Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner, GSAHS. Work involved: sexual assault forensic examinations. Suggestion: development of forensic nursing as a distinct discipline.

Dr Lynette Trent

Science Coordinator, Bethany College Hurstville NSW 2220. Work involved in: Teaching of forensic medicine & science to high school students. Interest : More involvement with high school students particularly at the HSC level.

Dr John Ullman

Doctor in Molescan, Fellow of the college of legal medicine. Work involved in : Sexual assault advice. Previously 2 years as obstetric registrar.

Mr Bruno van Aaken

Tutor/PhD Candidate (UNSW), University of New South Wales.  Member of Australia and New Zealand Society of Criminology. Work involved in: researching the intersection of race (Indigenous status)and gender in ex prisoners.

Professor Graham Vimpani

Senior Clinical Advisor Child Protection and Wellbeing, NSW Department of Health. Work Involved in Child Protection and Wellbeing. Development of the NSW Child Abuse Sexual Assault Forensic and Medical (CASAFAM) network. Suggestion: External course in conjunction with the Monash Course.

Dr John Vinen

Practicing Emergency Physician and Expert Witness in Emergency Medicine. Dr Vinen works in Department of Emergency Medicine, Calvary Hospital, Canberra.

Ms Lisbeth Vogelzang

Patient Safety Manager, Concord Repatriation General Hospital.  Involved in clinical incident investigation in a tertiary public hospital. Would like to learn, and contribute her experiences in incident investigation and management.

Dr Rianie Janse van Vuuren

Staff specialist forensic pathology, DOFM, Glebe.

Mr Jeremy Watherston

Sexual Assault Forensic Biologist, Forensic Biology - Division of Analytical Laboratories. Work as a forensic biology case worker in the sexual assault laboratory at the Division of Analytical Laboratories in Sydney, also spent time working in forensic DNA.

Mr Benjamin Walker

Forensic Biologist, Division of Analytical Laboratories. Interest: Would like to help grow and improve knowledge of Forensic Medicine and how it relates to the current Forensic profession as a DNA forensic scientist.

Dr Jodie Ward

Team Leader - Specialist DNA Laboratory/Reporting Biologist - Mitochondrial DNA Analysis, NSW Forensic and Analytical Science Service.  Research interests: massively parallel sequencing applications to forensic casework, mitochondrial DNA applications to forensic casework, DNA identification of compromised human remains, optimisation of DNA recovery from compromised samples, DNA-based forensic intelligence (ancestry/phenotype markers), and species identification/wildlife forensics.  Teaching interests: forensic biology/DNA analysis, mitochondrial DNA analysis, human remains identification, undergraduate and postgraduate research supervision.

Dr Peter William Wearne

Paediatrician/Forensic Physician, Bendigo Health & Self-employed. Dr Wearne is a Consultant Paediatrician with Bendigo Health and with associations with the VIFM and the VFPMS. He conducts most of the Child abuse examinations in Central Victoria. Involved with forensic training, and chair the Vulnerable Children Committee for Bendigo Health. Planning to revise a chapter 'Child Abuse' in 'Expert Evidence' ed. Freckleton & Selby.

Prof David Weisbrot AM, FAAL

Professor of Law and Governance, Macquarie University, Sydney NSW. Member of the Human Genetics Advisory Committee and the Research Integrity Working Group of the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC); Member of the Council of Voiceless: the Fund for Animals, and the Rule of Law Association of Australia; Foundation Fellow and Director of the Australian Academy of Law; and elected Member of Human Genome Organisation (HUGO). Formerly President of the Australian Law Reform Commission (1999-2009), President/Vice President of the Commonwealth Association of Law Reform Agencies (2003-2009), Dean of Law and Pro Vice Chancellor (College of Humanities and Social Sciences) University of Sydney (1994-1999).

Dr Peter S Wilkins

Forensic Medicine Contractor, VIFM. From 1982, Dr Wilkins has provided part-time forensic medical services to the Australian Federal Police in the ACT.

Mrs Helen Woodfall

sexual assault forensic nurse examiner, Launceston General Hospital Tasmania. Nurses have only just recently started working as forensic examiners of sexual assault in Tasmania. Mrs Woodfall is keen to join and become involved in as many organisations as possible and to receive up-to-date information so as to keep well informed in this area.

Dr Nikki Woods

Emergency Staff Specialist, St Vicent's Hospital. Member of Australasian College of Emergency Medicine, Eastern Central Sexual Assault Service. Work Involved in adult sexual assault.

Ms Annalise Wrzeczycki

Forensic Document Examiner, NSW Police Force. Completed BSc (Biomedical Science - Forensic Biology) at UTS in 2008. Works on handwriting and physical evidence comparisons (serious crime, white powder/threat letter cases), NSW Police Force Document Examination Section, Forensic Services Group. Interested in the 'globalisation' of forensic science, quality control, security/identity documents, Australian courts and training and education in the field of Questioned Documents. Previous Forensic Biologist trainee at FASS and assisted on Interpol publications on Fingerprints, DVI and DNA. Current Committee Member and Newsletter Editor for NSW Branch ANZFSS.

Dr Claire Wylie

Research Fellow, University of Sydney. Work involved in translational Australian clinical toxicology.

Dr Rachel Ling Ling Yong

Research Assistant, Kolling Institute, RNSH. Interest: Molecular Genetics, Fingerprinting.

Dr Lyndall Young

Medical Co-ordinator, Yarrow Place Rape and Sexual Assault Service, North Adelaide. Work involved in sexual assault medicine.

A/Prof Bing Yu

A/Professor in Molecular Genetics, Central Clinical School, University of Sydney and Department of Medical Genomics, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Camperdown NSW. Interest: mtDNA, Molecular Genetics.

Mr Matthias Zierholz

Expert Document Examiner, NSW Police Force. Mr Zierholz is a Forensic Document Examiner with the NSW Police Force. Interested in keeping up with developments in forenscic science in general especially issues inolving the Daubert factors and admissability of evidence in court. Further, having a background in Linguistics, Mr Zierholz interested in implementing methodologies used by the BKA (Bundeskriminalamt) in Germany for the purposes of linguistic comparisons within the Document Examination Section of the NSW Police and networking with other organisations within the forensic field with regards to development of further examination techniques etc would be very useful.