Student members

Mr Reza Alaeddini

Specialised in forensic medicine from Iran. Current PhD research involved with human bone DNA degradation patterns. DNA from rib bone samples have been extracted and assessed by Southern hybridisation and real-time PCR technologies. Human repetitive Alu sequence and human mitochondrial DNA have been used as templates for the assessments.

Miss Juliana Brailey

Student, Veterinary Science, The University of Sydney. Interested in research project and volunteering.

Mr Lance Brooker

Student. PhD Chemistry. Interests in forensic medicine include: Sports Drug Testing, Urinary Steroid Analysis, Toxicology.

Miss Mariam Chaalan

Student, Bachelor of Medical Science. Honours, The University of Sydney.

Miss Wai Cheong

student, University of Western Sydney. Involved in Policing and forensics.

Miss Deborah Lee Ann Chong

Currently studying veterinary medicine at Sydney University and will be undertaking an avian pathology project in 2017. Miss Chong's passion for forensic and anatomical pathology has led to volunteer to assist and participate in post mortem cases as well as pathology rounds with the Veterinary Pathology Department at Sydney University since 2015. She has also undertaken work experience placements with the Taronga Zoo Wildlife Pathology Department and the Medical Pathology Department at Singapore General Hospital.  Interested in getting involved/volunteering in projects and work in fields related to veterinary and human forensic pathology as well as anatomical pathology i.e. post mortem studies, histopathology, molecular and genetic forensic studies.

Miss Sarah Croker

Student. PhD in Medicine. Postgraduate research involving the differentiation between human and non-human bone.

Miss Manori De silva

Student, Alumni, University of Sydney. Would like to enter a career in forensic science. Completed Masters of Applied Science (Molecular Biotechnology) in Sydney university in 2011 (July) and BSc in medical science and Masters in Applied Sc (biotechnology) in UWS. Would like to do work expereince in this field and enter a career as a forencis scientist.

Miss Hannah Edwards

Student, Veterinary Science, The University of Sydney. Interest - Veterinary forensics

Ms Julia Epstein

Julia hold a Bachelor of Science from Sydney University with a double major in Anatomy & Histology, and History & Philosophy of Science.  Currently a graduate law student at the University of Wollongong. Interested in the criminal law and inquest procedure. Hope to get involved in forensic and legal medicine research, and aim to work in the Coroner's court upon graduation.

Miss Margaret Vivienne Fang

Student, University of Sydney, Science Alliance. Undertaking BA Science at the University of Sydney. A keen observer, neophyte and admirer of the medical sciences, particularly the fields of pharmacology, immunology and neuroscience.

Miss Emily Fuller

Student, PhD, Intitute of Bone and Joint Research, Kolling Institute, Raymond Purves research Laboratories. Bachelor in Biomedical Science in Forensic Biology awarded in 2005 from UTS and have a keen interest in the skeletal system. Currently undertaking a PhD degree in mechanisms of meniscus degeneration in the knee and its relation to osteoarthritis development. Interest : Forensic Anthropology and hope to be involved in this field in the future.

Dr Henky

Student, Master of Bioethics, The University of Sydney. Previously Forensic Medicine Specialist from Bali, Indonesia.

Miss Emily Irish

Student, The University of Sydney. Currently studying to move into the field of research.

Mr Matt Johansen

Student, Animal and Veterinary Bioscience, The University of Sydney.

Mr Matt Johansen

Student, Animal and Veterinary Bioscience, The University of Sydney.

Mr Cheong Bun Lam

Student, Bachelor of Medical Science (Honours), Cardiovascular neuroscience laboratory, Department of physiology, The University of Sydney. A researcher in cardiovascular neuroscience, which involved studying the higher brain centers control of cardiorespiratory system via the sympathetic nervous system. Particularly interested in finding the brain regions that responsible for the heart rate, blood pressure and respiratory rate changes during exercise and pyschological stress.

Mr Chris Lam

Student, Veterinary Science, The University of Sydney. Interested in forensics medicine involving animals (cruelty, abuse, aggression etc.)

Ms Chau Le

Student, Batchelor of Science (Advanced), The University of Sydney. Forensic Medicine and Science is an appealing field of work, as a science student, Chau always willing to familiarise herself with various branches of the scientific world.

Ms Olivia Li

Student, Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical)/ Bachelor of Medical Science.

Mr Raja Mahanama

PhD student. Member of IChem, AIChe. Work involved in biological analysis.

Mr Rahil Nagpal

Student, MBBS, The University of Sydney. Involvement in the sydney university medical society (SUMS). and the educational and career events it hosts for students.

Miss Rita Nassar

Student, University of Western Sydney.

Miss Sarika Pandya

Student, B. Animal and Veterinary Bioscience, The University of Sydney. Interested in Wildlife Forensics, Border Control, Forensic Pathology and Paleopathology.

Mr Marcus Robinson

Student, PhD (Medicine), The University of Sydney. Member of the Australian Institute of Anatomical Sciences. Involved in : Physical Anthropology and Medical Imaging.

Mr Sam Player

Student, PhD (Soil Science), The University of Sydney. Interest : Soil Science, Geophysics and Geoarchaeology.

Ms Helen Salouros

Student, PhD School of Chemistry, National Measurement Institute. Currently undertaking PhD in forensic drugs which is a collaboration between the University of Sydney and the National Measurement Institute (NMI). Helen has been associated with the Australian Forensic Drug Laboratory, NMI for over 10 years and have extensive experience in drug analysis and research, clandestine laboratory investigations, drug profiling and research into new designer drugs.

Miss Rhianne Sciculuna

Student, currently studying a Bachelor of Advanced Science majoring in neuroscience and psychology. Planning to further studies in the field of forensic psychology or forensic anthropology.

Mr Ka Ming So

Student, Bachelor of Veterinary Science, The University of Sydney.

Mr Igor Stevanovski

Student, Bachelor of Forensic Biology in Biomedical Science. University of Technology, Sydney. Currently studying towards a Bachelor of Forensic Biology in Biomedical Science at UTS, and interested in postgraduate study. On completion of postgraduate study, future ambitions involve working as a Forensic Biologist for the police force.

Miss Kay-Lora Tang

Student, Bachelor of Animal and Veterinary Bioscience, The University of Sydney.

Ms Tina To

Master student, The University of Sydney. Marine Science and Management. Interested in specializing in forensic diatomology.

Mr Mark Topp

BMedSci student.  The University of Sydney. Final year of a Medical Science degree and hope to either do an honours year in forensic science or complete an undergraduate degree in same. Mark is particularly interested in forensic osteology and hope to pursue work in this next year.

Ms Gina Villar

PhD Student, The University of Sydney. Postgraduate research in the field of deception, specifically the identification of key linguistic features that may be used to discriminate between deceptive and truthful communications.

Mr Thomas Vowell

Student, Veterinary Science, The University of Sydney.

Ms Abigail Wiley

Student, Veterinary Science, The University of Sydney.

Miss Melissa Windass

Student, Australian National University/University of Western Sydney. Masters degree in Forensic Archaeology and Anthropology.

Mr Simon Wong

Student, Sydney Medical School, The University of Sydney. Previously worked for the NZ Police as a Crime Scene Attendant. Having qualified as a SOCO with the RNZPC, member of ANZFSS. MSc (Forensic Science) with research specializing on statistical analysis of glass backscatter caused by projectiles.

Miss Sarah Wood

Medical Student, Sydney Medical School, The University of Sydney. Currently studying medicine at the University of Sydney with the intention of becoming a forensic pathologist. Have undertaken work experience and research at the Westmead Department of Forensic Medicine.

Miss Chanlu Xie

Student, Bachelor of Medical Science (Honours). A researcher in prostate cancer.