Pathology services & consultancy

Professor Jo Duflou

Professor Jo Duflou is a Consulting Forensic Pathologist, Clinical Professor, University of Sydney. Professor Jo Duflou has provided consultancy work in various fields of forensic medicine and forensic science, including but not limited to the interpretation of inflicted and accidental lethal injuries, death scene assessment, time of death, toxicology, medical negligence matters and non-lethal injury assessments.

Opinions have been provided to all parties in disputes, including defence and prosecution counsel. Evidence has been given as a retained consultant in criminal, coronial, family law, medical negligence and civil cases and judicial inquiries in numerous jurisdictions, including most Australian States and Territories, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, USA, Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore.

Phone: 0425-227-041
Post: PO Box 331, Manly PO, NSW 1655

Professor John Hilton

Professor Hilton undertakes a wide range of consultancy work in the area of forensic pathology and forensic medicine.
Phone : 02 4782 6010

Dr Matthew M Orde

Dr Matthew Orde is a practising forensic pathologist based in Sydney, with experience of medicolegal work in Europe, Africa, and Australasia. He undertakes consultancy work in all areas of forensic medicine and pathology.