Psychology services & consultancy

Professor John Furedy

Professor John Furedy has had experience since 1982 in advising on the use of the polygraph in North American criminal (civil and military) cases, civil cases, and in securitiy organisations such as the FBI.

Australian consultation has included advice to ASIO against employing the polygraph in its national security work, and acting as an expert witness against the validity of the polygraph in a West Australian appeal to the supreme court in 2003.

Professor Susan Hayes

Professor Susan Hayes often receives requests to act as an expert witness of legal cases where the offender or victim may have an intellectual disability. There are a great many issues regarding this group where expert psychological evidence is relevant to a case, including fitness to be tried, capacity to understand the oath and give evidence, sentencing, and whether various legislative provisions pertain to the accused or the victim or offender. Police may request a psychological assessment to determine whether the victim has ID which will enable charges to be laid under relevant sections of the Crimes Act. She also undertakes expert assessments in the areas of entitlement to welfare benefits, contracts, capacity to give consent to medical procedures, and child custody or protection matters In the situation where parents may have ID, the issue is whether they have sufficient parenting capacity to care for their children. Over-arching all of these areas is assessment of the individual’s intellectual and adaptive skills, and advice to the court regarding provisions that may need to be implemented in court to allow the individual to give evidence in the most accurate manner.