Our Objectives

Sydney Medical School Foundation is dedicated to improving the health of all Australians by investing in a program of world-class research and learning in the Sydney Medical School at the University of Sydney.

Since its formation in 1958 the Foundation has grown to become one of Australia’s most significant privately funded medical research funding bodies, supporting a portfolio of internationally recognised research across diverse fields of medicine within the Sydney Medical Clinical Schools and associated institutes.

Sydney Medical School Foundation and its Divisions cover a wide range of programs. They include research into adolescent medicine, ageing & Alzheimer's diseases, bone & joint research, cancer, cardiovascular disease, dermatology, endocrinology & diabetes, eye diseases, immune disorders, liver disease, Ménière's, microsurgery, neurological disorders and paediatrics and childhood diseases.

This research contributes to a greater understanding of the causes of disease that will lead to improved treatment options and, in many cases, prevention of diseases that cause premature death or long-term disability.