The Medical Foundation/Bluesand Foundation Scholarship for Alzheimer’s Disease Research

Through the support of Sydney Medical School Foundation and the Bluesand Foundation, Sydney Medical School at the University of Sydney offered a scholarship towards a higher degree by research in the area of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Sydney Medical School Foundation is not currently accepting applications for this scholarship.


Sivaraman Purushothuman (2010-2012)

Siva Purushothuman

Sivaraman Purushothuman was awarded the scholarship in 2010 for his project, Impact of neuroprotectants on the neuropathology of cerebral degeneration in Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

"I'm pleased and honoured to have recieved the Bluesand Foundation Scholarship for Alzheimer's Disease Research. The scholarship has allowed me to focus on producing significant results in the complex field of dementia." Siva Purushothuman.

Hussein Mansour (2006-2008)

Hussein Mansour

Established in 2006, the scholarship was awarded to Hussein Mansour for his project, Ageing-related changes in astrocytes in the rat retina: Imbalance between cell proliferation and cell death reduces astrocyte availability.

Hussein's research showed that the ratio of astrocytes to neurons decreases significatly during ageing in the central nervous system and his subsequent paper was published in Ageing Cell. August 2008. 7 (4), pp 526-540.

Hussein completed the final year of his scholarship in 2008.