Scholarships & Awards

How to support medical students and postgraduate researchers

Sydney Medical School Foundation supports students enrolled in undergraduate and postgraduate degrees at Sydney Medical School, the University of Sydney.

Thanks to the generous support of our donors over $1.2m has been awarded for PhD scholarships, Combined Degree Program Scholarships, and awards and prizes since 1995.

By supporting an undergraduate, travel or postgraduate scholarship, you can make a lasting difference to medicine in Australia.

The Dean's priority scholarships

Undergraduate scholarships

Financial Hardship Scholarship
Bright, motivated and able medical students should be able to complete their studies to the best of their ability - regardless of their financial circumstances. A financial hardship scholarship can allow these talented students to achieve at their highest level.

Honours Research Scholarship
The honours year is an important one for our undergraduate students, often giving them their first real hands on research experience. We would like to expand the number of scholarships that provide students a stipend while they undertake a research project for their honours degree.

Cost of support: One off payment of $6,000 ($125,000 to fund in perpetuity).

Travel scholarships

International Research Scholarship
One aim of the School is to encourage postdoctoral students and early career researchers to expand their knowledge through international experience. Not only do new researchers gain training from world leaders in their field, they come to understand that they are part of a global medical community. Often, our brightest researchers are offered jobs at the end of their placement and decide not to return to the University. We would like to offer these researchers the opportunity to gain experience while providing them with financial stability when they return to Sydney Medical School.

Cost of support: $60,000 ($30,000 plus $30,000 on return).

Postgraduate scholarships

Postgraduate Research Scholarship
The postgraduate scholarship is offered to students of outstanding research ability to undertake a full-time PhD in any area of research at Sydney Medical School. This scholarship enables the leading researchers of tomorrow to hone their investigative skills under the direction of an experienced supervisor.

Cost: $22,500 per annum for 3 years ($470,000 to fund in perpetuity).

Postgraduate Merit Scholarship
Sydney Medical School has nationally and internationally recognised teaching and research programs but global competition for the brightest minds is increasingly intense. Attracting talented, high achieving students and supporting them as they investigate and pursue their ideas has the potential to provide benefits felt well beyond this University. Additional merit scholarships are awarded to students to recognise and reward outstanding academic achievement.

Cost of support: $6,000 per annum for 3 years ($125,000 to fund in perpetuity).

How to apply

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