The Lucy Falkiner Fellowship

The Lucy Falkiner Fellowship is awarded annually to a graduate of Sydney Medical School to study at the Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in New York.

The award was made possible through a bequest made to the Columbia Presbyterian Hospital by the late Mrs Lucy F Falkiner, a founding member of the Sydney Medical School Foundation Women's Committee.

Recipients of the Lucy Falkiner Fellowship include:

  • Dr Keyvan Karimigalougahi (2015)
  • Associate Professor Euan Tovey (2014)
  • Dr Katherine Kearney (2013)
  • Dr Joel Negin (2011)
  • Professor John Rasko (2010)
  • Ms Emily Gregory-Roberts (2009)
  • Dr Andrew Moran (2008)
    Sydney Medical School Foundation awarded the 2008 Lucy Falkiner Fellowship to Dr Andrew Moran from Columbia University, New York. Dr Moran visited the the University of Sydney in December 2008 to work alongside Sydney Medical School and the China Ovations Centre to discuss Columbia University's computer policy model for cardiovascular disease in China.
  • Professor Stephen Leeder (2007)
    Professor Stephen Leeder was awarded the Lucy Falkiner Fellowship for 2007. The Fellowship will allow Professor Leeder to complete research with Dr Lee Goldman, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at Columbia University, and Dr Andrew Moran, National Institute of Health Research Fellow, to determine ways of controlling cardiovascular disease (CVD) in developing nations, specifically China.
  • Dr Allan Young (2006)
    Dr Young completed a Masters in Sports Medicine at the University of Sydney and in July 2005 submitted his thesis for a Doctor of Philosophy. He is currently a trainee with the Australian Orthopaedic Association Specialty Training Scheme and was the recipient of the Gordon Taylor Medal for the highest marks in the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, Part One Examination. The fellowship enabled Dr Young to study at the world renowned Center for Shoulder, Elbow and Sports Medicine at Columbia University under Dr Louis Bigliani, an international leader in the field of shoulder surgery. On being awarded the fellowship, Dr Young said “The Lucy Falkiner scholarship will allow me to spend time at Columbia University gaining exposure to the latest advances in shoulder and elbow surgery, critically important to my training and future career.”
  • Dr Euan Tovey (2004)
    Dr Euan Tovey was awarded the Lucy Falkiner Fellowship in 2004 for his research project, Use of Novel Techniques to Measure and Characterise Exposure to Rat Allergens, as risk factors for Asthma in inner-city children, in the NYC Underground. The fellowship allowed Dr Tovey to travel to New York to teach allergen exposure assessment methodologies to investigators from the Columbia Presbyterian Medical Centre. These novel methodologies were used to measure previously undetectable rat and cat allergens in the New York City underground system. In return, Dr Ginger Chew, a leading US researcher in exposure and allergy to fungi, travelled to Sydney to spend a month in Dr Tovey’s laboratories.
  • Dr Kathy Wu (2002-2003)
    Dr Kathy Wu was awarded the Lucy Falkiner Fellowship for 2002-2003 for her proposed project, Gene Therapy in Knockout Murine Models of Inherited Retinal Degenerations. Dr Wu worked in the Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics laboratories at the Columbian Presbyterian Hospital in New York where she gained knowledge in the principles and methodologies involved in gene therapy.