About us

The Dermatology Research Foundation (DRF) was established by the Senate of the University of Sydney on 5 December 1988 to coincide with the establishment of the Raymond E Purves Chair, the first Chair of Dermatology in Australia.

The inaugural meeting of the Foundation was held on 11 April 1989, at which Sir John Carrick was elected as its first President.

The objects of the Foundation were to assist the Senate and the Vice-Chancellor on matters associated with the promotion and development of dermatology research within the University of Sydney.

Over the past two decades the Dermatology Research Foundation has been committed to furthering our knowledge of the skin and supporting research into a number of skin diseases, in particular skin cancer.

Working hand in hand with research-focused dermatologists from the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and scientists from the University of Sydney and the Centenary Institute, the Dermatology Research Foundation facilitated advancements in prevention, early detection and patient care in order to improve everybody’s skin health.

On the 14 December 2011 the Dermatology Research Foundation was absorbed by Sydney Medical School Foundation.