Investing in Health


World-Class Teaching and Learning, Extending From Basic Science Through to Clinical Medicine, Public Health and Health Policy

Sydney Medical School educates four main groups of students: medical students, postgraduate coursework students, postgraduate research students, undergraduate science students.

The vision is to develop caring, clear-thinking, clinically outstanding, research capable, engaged and globally aware graduates who have the capabilities to become leaders in medicine, public health and research. The aim is to develop challenging and relevant projects for student engagement to help our next generation of practitioners develop new ways of approaching complex problems, and assist them in bringing fresh and interesting viewpoints to the study of medicine.

Sydney Medical School's involvement in the teaching of health sciences and medicine has grown impressively in recent years, with more than 2,000 students each year undertaking undergraduate degrees in Medical Science, Science, or Health Sciences. There are 1,100 medical students over the four years of the course, with 1,100 stimulated by newly-reviewed postgraduate coursework degrees, and 1,000 undertaking life-changing higher research degrees. A large number of postgraduate courses offer continuing first-rate education opportunities for medical and other health professionals.

This dynamic program has a tradition of lively interaction between students and staff, with many staff international experts in their fields and leaders in their profession. Students are introduced to clinical environments in their very first week of learning, with training undertaken at large urban hospitals and smaller rural hospitals. Problem-based learning is the nucleus of diverse modes of learning and teaching, and the foundation of medical thinking.

Sydney Medical School's exceptional graduates are highly sought after both locally and internationally. A medical qualification from the University of Sydney is recognised and respected throughout the world.

Funding Opportunity: Sydney Medical School Summer Research Scholarships

The Summer Research Scholarhip scheme was established in 2004 and its ongoing aims are to offer promising undergraduate students an apprenticeship with a career scientist, with the long-range goal of encouraging scholarship holders towards a research career.

Students complete their eight week resarch project and at the completion submit a final report and present their findings in an oral presentation. Many projects result in journal publications, book chapters or conference presentations in Australia and overseas. The scholarships are highly competitive, attracting students from across Australia and the world.

"As an undergraduate, these are amazing opportunities. In all, this was an extremely worthwhile experience and a great way to spend the summer." Jessica Tong, Medical Student, Summer Research Scholarship

$100,000 per year
$2,400 per scholarship offers a student stiped of $300 per week for eight weeks