Investing in Health

Supporting World-Class Research and Learning at Sydney Medical School

Sydney Medical School is the largest and oldest medical school in Australia and contributes substantially to the health and wellbeing of all Australians. It is the most research-intensive faculty in the University of Sydney, generating close to half of the University's total research income.

A great strength of the reserach portfolio is that it extends from fundamental biology, to public health measures to control disease, and on to leadership in large international clinical trials. Sydney Medical School has a strong core of biomedical scientists working at the forefront of new discoveries in areas including genetics, biochmistry and cell biology. It also has great strength in disease-focused research with its clinician scientists at the front line providing patient care.

Research is spread over more than 20 reserach institutes and centres and 10 campuses. The School has more than 1,300 active research staff and close to 1,000 higher degree research students.

Recently, Sydney Medical School implemented a new strategy designed to consolidate and strategically enhance its outstanding research productivity: determining what diseases to target, and how to best maximise its output and impact.

The research is now grouped into six themes, "all critical national and international health areas", with the aim of bringing together the large number of stellar medical and health researchers working within these areas across disciplines, institutes, centres and schools. Such groupings encourage collaboration and bring fresh perspectives to advance discovery.

The vision behind the thematic strategy is to:

  • Produce research of the highest international quality to advance knowledge and improve the health and welfare of the people of Australia and people in all corners of the globe
  • Enhance research strength through strategic partnerships; within the University, and with local partners, nationally and internationally
  • Attract, develop and retain the very best researchers to make ground breaking advances in health and medical science
  • Enable and support researchers by providing facilities of outstanding range and quality
  • Manage intellectual property more efficiently and effectively to develop research opportunities, promote research translation, and broaden the income base of Sydney Medical School

The research portfolio is organised around six major disease and health-focused themes:

  • Cancer
  • Healthy ageing
  • Infection and immunological conditions
  • Nueroscience and mental health
  • Obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease
  • Reproductive, maternal and child health

Closer links between bench and bedside will facilitate rapid translation of science into improved health care. Underpinning these themes are disciplines with expertise in critical areas including genetics and imaging.