Microsearch research goals

  • Promote development of minimal invasive surgery techniques including miniaturisation in surgery, microsurgery, laser technology and transplantation surgery
  • To develop engineered tissues and biomaterials for organ and tissue replacement surgery
  • To prevent rejection of transplanted organs by development of non-drug treatment protocols


Microsearch has developed many new techniques over the last 30 years. They include:

  • Single and double hand transplantations
  • The re-joining of severed limbs, hands and fingers which commenced here in Australia in 1970
  • Surgical techniques to repair abnormalities in new-born babies and even premature new-born babies
  • Nerve graft techniques which restore the results of severe trauma where nerves need replacement
  • Development of specialised instruments and operating microscopes required for these delicate techniques
  • Surgical techniques to restore fertility to both men and women
  • Delivery of training programs to allow our surgical advances to be performed in other parts of the world