Myee Condrington Fellows

Dr Alexander Kubitskiy (2006)

Dr Alexander Kubitskiy is the Microsearch 2006 Research Fellow. His research and training fellowship will run for twelve months commencing January 2006.

Dr Kubitskiy is from Kazan, located in the Republic Tatarstan, Russia. He has specialised in traumatology, orthopedics and reconstructive microsurgery. He has been based at the Tatarstan Scientific Research Centre in the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Microsurgery for the past nine years and is currently holding the position of Senior Scientist.

His scientific thesis was devoted to “Surgical treatment of upper limb peripheral nerve lesions by means of traction elongation and nerve grafts methods”, being successfully defended in 2002.

Dr Kubitskiy applied for the Fellowship with Microsearch as he wanted to participate in scientific research and development in transplant surgery and also advance his microsurgical techniques.


Dr Kubitsky has published 25 articles to date, including the following:

  • Chelyshev Y.A., Kubitsky A.A. Effect of infra-red low-power laser irradiation on regeneration of myelinated axons. Lasers in Medical Science, 1995, 10: 273-277.
  • Kubitsky A.A., Mosin V.A., Chelyshev Y.A. Peripheral nerve regeneration under the influence of laser irradiation. Heads of the final scientific conference at Tatarstan's Scientific-Research Centre “Reconstructive traumatology and orthopedics”, 1996, Kazan, pp. 68-69.
  • Bogov A.A., Pleshinsky I.N., Tikhvinskaya T.I., Latipova N.A., Kuznetzova R.G., Kubitsky A.A. Treatment by means of lesions' distraction of forearm peripheral nerves. Kaz. Med. Journal, 1997, V.78, N 5, pp. 358-362.
  • Bogov A.A., Kubitsky A.A. Replacement of peripheral nerves' defects by means of tractional elongation in Ilizarov's apparatus. Annals of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, 1998, N 3, pp. 81-82.
  • Bogov A.A., Chelyshev Y.A., Kubitsky A.A. Experimental studies of the influence of various tractional loads on the rat's sciatic nerve regeneration. Russia's morphological news, 2000, N 1-2, pp. 120-122.
  • Bogov A.A., Kubitsky A.A. Ways of employment of autonervous plastics in the peripheral nerve defects' treatment. Heads of speech reports “New technologies in medicine”, part 1, Kurgan, 2000, pp. 32-33.
  • Bogov A.A., Kubitsky A.A. Indications for the employment of various methods of nerve trunks' traction lengthening under combined traumas. Heads of speech reports “New technologies in medicine”, part 1, Kurgan, 2000, pp. 33-34.
  • Alekseeva E.B., Bogov A.A., Chelyshev Y.A., Pleshinsky I.N., Kubitsky A.A. Effect of sciatic nerve intraoperational lengthening on the efficiency of its regeneration. Russia's morphological news, 2001, N 1-2, pp. 6-8.
  • Bogov A.A., Kubitsky A.A. Surgical treatment of the peripheral nerves' lesions. The 4th International Congress on Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, Heads of speech reports, Yaroslavl, 2003.

Congresses and conferences

  • International Conference in laser medicine, Russia, Kazan, 1995.
  • Congress of traumatologists and orthopedists of the CIS, Russia, Yaroslavl, 1999.
  • Scientific and practical conference with participation of foreign specialists “New technologies in medicine”, Russia, Kurgan, 2000.
  • Scientific conference “Morphological principles of the tissues' histogenesis and regeneration”, Russia, S. Petersburg, 2001.
  • The 4th International Congress on Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, Russia, Yaroslavl, 2003.