Leave a gift in your will

In whatever form, large or small, a bequest to the Microsearch Foundation of Australia is an enduring way to support medical research and ensure better health for future generations.

Elsie Mary Thompson is one of many benefactors who have chosen to remember Microsearch in their Will. Her memory will live on forever at Microsearch.

You too can leave a lasting legacy by including Microsearch in your Will.

In preparing a Will it is recommended that you seek the advice of your solicitor and financial advisors. If you wish to include Microsearch as an additional beneficiary in your current Will, an amendment or additional clause (a codicil) can simply be added to it.

When considering your gift please note that the correct legal name for receipt of gifts is the Microsearch Foundation of Australia, the University of Sydney.

Types of bequests

A bequest to the Microsearch Foundation of Australia may be expressed in a number of different ways and your solicitor can advise in relation to them. Some of the possible ways you may consider leaving a gift are as: