News and Events 2009

September 2009

New scholarship open for applications. The Medical Foundation is offering a scholarship towards a higher degree by research for a suitably qualified candidate undertaking research in the area of Meniere’s disease. More

July 2009

Medical Foundation Division researcher produces the 2008 publication of the year. Dr Scott Byrne from the Dermatology Research Foundation receives title from the journal of Immunology and Cell Biology. More

June 2009

Medical Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow in Meniere's Disease, Dr Daniel Brown discusses the "Dizzy Terror" with ABC's Richard Fidler. Menieres Disease causes sever vertigo, tinnitus, hearing loss and aural fullness. More

Professor Kathryn North leaps ahead in the diagnosis of muscular dystrophy. Medical Foundation Fellow Professor Kathryn North is recognised in leading journal Neurology for her ground breaking research into muscular dystrophy. More

May 2009

The Medical Foundation Morning Tea with Professor Simon Hawke. Renowned neurologist and Medical Foundation Fellow discusses, Towards gene therapy for neurodegenerative disease. More

April 2009

Cycling infrastructure needs work. New research published in The Medical Journal of Australia by Medical Foundation Fellow Professor Adrian Bauman, indicates that more needs to be done to encourage safe cycling in Australia. More

The Medical Foundation Annual Report. The Medical Foundation produces an annual report each calendar year. A copy of the 2008 Annual Report is now available for downloading. More

March 2009

The Sydney Burns Foundation. On 3 November 2008, The University of Sydney Senate resolved to establish the Sydney Burns Foundation as a division of The Medical Foundation. More

February 2009

Dr Paul Lancaster

Anniversaries are what we make of them. Medical Foundation council member, Dr Paul Lancaster, tells Ockham's Razor about the achievements of some of the past medical graduates from The University of Sydney. More

January 2009

Dr Qihan Dong

Therapeutic target for prostate cancer. Research recently published in the Clinical Cancer Research journal has identified a potential therapeutic target for prostate cancer. More

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