Research Programs

Foundations provide grants and scholarships which are considered most likely to produce significant advances in the areas of research identified as priorities (major research themes) by Sydney Medical School.

Foundations provide support to areas such as adolescent medicine, ageing & Alzheimer's diseases, bone & joint research, cancer, cardiovascular disease, dermatology, endocrinology & diabetes, eye diseases, liver disease, Melanoma, Ménière's, microsurgery, neurological disorders paediatrics and childhood diseases, and many more.

Applications for funding

All applications for funding to foundations at Sydney Medical School are first reviewed by the Sydney Medical School Scientific Advisory Committee (“SAC”) which then make recommendations for funding to the Council of the Foundation.

The Council considers the recommendations by the SAC and determines whether grants should be made, and the terms on which they are made, taking into account any terms and conditions of relevant gifts and bequests and the availability of funds.

Applications $200,000 (approx.) or more per annum

Applications that are approximately $200,000 or more per annum must be submitted with a nominated assessor's name.

  • Applications that are not submitted by the due date (see below table) or include an assessor's name will not be reviewed by the SAC.
  • Please contact your assessor prior to submitting your application. If an assessor's report can not be obtained by the date requested by the Foundation your application will held over until the next submission date.

How to apply

Sydney Medical School Foundation is not currently accepting unsolicited applications.

To apply for a research grant, scholarship, fellowship, seeding grant, major equipment grant or support for a program or project, first download and review the following documents:

  1. Guidelines for Applicants
  2. Grant Conditions
  3. Reporting Requirements

Complete the application form that can be found at the end of the Guidelines for Applicants document and submit it along with a current version the Chief Investigator's C.V. to .

2016 submission dates

Applications less than $200k pa Applications greater than $200k pa
9.30am Friday 19 February 2016
 9.30am Friday 5 February 2016
9.30am Friday 29 April 2016
9.30am Friday 14 April 2016
9.30am Friday 29 July 2016
9.30am Friday 15 July 2016
9.30am Friday 28 October 2016 9.30am Friday 14 October 2016

2017 submission dates

Applications less than $200k pa Applications greater than $200k pa
9.30am Friday 24 February 2017
 9.30am Friday 10 February 2017
9.30am Friday 19 May 2017
9.30am Friday 5 May 2017
9.30am Friday 18 August 2017
9.30am Friday 4 August 2017
9.30am Friday 3 November 2017 9.30am Friday 20 October 2017

Note: Applications for the Clinician Researcher Support Scheme close on 3 February 2017.


The evaluation of grants can take up to three months to complete. All applicants will be notified as soon as a final decision regarding their application has been made.