Meniere's disease

In 2001, Sydney Medical School Foundation established the Meniere's Research Fund for the purpose of supporting research into Meniere's disease, a condition which incapacitates sufferers with symptoms such as recurrent episodes of vertigo, tinnitus and hearing loss.

Thanks to the tireless fundraising efforts of the Meniere's Research Group of NSW, which is largely made up of Meniere's disease sufferers, the Meniere's Research Fund reached its initial financial target of $300k in 2007, enabling it to send inaugural Postdoctoral Fellow Dr Daniel Brown to the United States to work with cochlear physiology expert Professor Alec Salt.

After two years under the guidence of Professor Salt, Dr Brown returned to the University of Sydney to complete the final year of his fellowship in 2009. He is currently based at the Brain & Mind Research Institute and hopes to further his research into methods of objectively diagnosing Meniere's disease, and determining its underlying pathophysiology.

It is hoped that this research can lead to the development of an effective treatment or cure for the debilitating disease, of which approximately 43,000 Australians currently suffer.

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