Paediatrics & Youth Health

Sydney Medical School Foundation supports researchers in Paediatrics and Youth Health at the Westmead Campus of the University of Sydney and the Childrens Hospital at Westmead.

Research programs include:

Rural adolescent cohort study: Dr Catherine Hawke (2007-2010)

Dr Catherine Hawke

The Adolescent Rural Cohort: Hormones, Health, Education, Environment and Relationships (ARCHER) study, aims to describe the hormonal changes of young people in puberty and determine how these changes interact with individual, family, community and environmental factors to influence health and behaviour.

A feasibility study funded by Sydney Medical School Foundation was completed in 2008 to provide important information on the attitudes of schools, students, and their parents regarding their involvement in such a study, as one of the most challenging aspects is the recruitment and retention of participants.

Preparation for the study will continue with the engagement of rural and indigenous communities and project stakeholders.

The Department of Adolescent Medicine, The Children's Hospital at Westmead: Dr Sue Towns (2008)

Dr Sue Towns

The Department of Adolescent Medicine has a strong, multidisciplinary research program which focuses on informing and evaluating the department's clinical practice.

Projects include research into eating disorders, chronic illness, drug and alcohol use, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and weight management.

In 2008, a Sydney Medical School Foundation grant to Dr Sue Towns contributed to this important area of research. In addition, the Foundation announced its support for a Chair of Adolescent Medicine to be based at the department. With the help of a new Chair, this under resourced area of research will continue to grow and provide real benefit to the youth of Australia.