Short courses at Sydney Medical School

Sydney Medical School offers a wide range of short professional development courses for health professionals through its clinical schools, disciplines and associated research institutes.

Courses marked with * are accredited for Continuing Medical Education (CME) points. Others may be awarded CME points on request to your relevant association or professional body.

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Topic areas

Sydney Medical School offers short and professional development courses in the following areas:

Infectious Diseases | Injury Prevention & Management | Bioethics and Health Humanities | Mental Health | Pain Management | Pathology | Public Health | Research | |Smoking and Smoking Cessation | Surgical skills | Trauma skills

Bioethics and Health Humanities

Ethics and Mental Health

Ethics and Public Health.

Human and Animal Research Ethics.

For the full list of available courses and dates visit the Centre for Values, Ethics and the Law in Medicine professional development website.

Infectious Diseases

Short Course in Critical Infection*

Injury Prevention & Management

Injury epidemiology, prevention and control

Falls prevention in the older person

Injury prevention

Mental Health

Discipline of Psychiatry

Anxiety Education for Health Professionals*

Anxiety Disorders Course for Health Professionals

DSM-5 Course: Common Mental Disorders

Interpersonal Psychotherapy Course: Level A

Managing Anxiety Disorders in Primary Care

Social Cognitive Remediation for Schizophrenia

Understanding and Treating Hoarding Disorder

Boden Institute

Eating Disorders*

Brain & Mind Research Institute (BMRI)

Suicide Prevention

Foundations of Leadership & Policy in Mental Health

Pain Management

Pain Management Symposia 2014

Pain Management Multidisciplinary Workshop


Introductory Histotechniques

Introductory Immunohistochemistry

Public Health

Various courses are run throughout the year. For the range of courses and dates visit the Sydney School of Public Health short course website.


Woolcock Institute of Medical Research

Fieldwork Skills for Epidemiological Research

Introduction to MS Access for Medical Research

Charles Perkins Centre

Writing original research papers for biomedical journals

Sydney School of Public Health

Introduction to Clinical Epidemiology

Advanced Qualitative Health Research (PUBH5500)

Qualitative Methodologies & Study Design (QUAL5002)

Qualitative Research Analysis & Writing (QUAL5003)

Introducing Qualitative Health Research (QUAL5005)

Introductory Analysis of Linked Data - Professional Development Course

Clinical Trials Centre

Various short courses run by the Clinical Trials Centre

Smoking and Smoking Cessation

Tobacco Dependence and Treatment*

Nicotine Addiction and Smoking Cessation 3 day course

Surgical skills

Arthroscopic skills

Laparoscopic Surgery - foundation skills

Laparoscopic Surgery - intermediate skills

Trauma skills

Trauma skills

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