Student testimonials

Kellie, Master of Clinical Trials Research



"Through this course I have developed an understanding of clinical trials research that has enabled me to work more effectively alongside our researchers, engage the institute's operations in the research process and therefore contribute far more effectively to our research effort."

Kellie, Master of Clinical Trials Research                         




For the past five years, I have been working in the UNICEF Country Office in Nepal as Child Health Officer where I assist in designing, implementing and implementing and monitoring different child health interventions. I am really passionate about my work and want to continue to work to improve the health status of women and children in my country and, with the knowledge I learned in the Master of International Public Health, I am more determined than ever."

Chahana, Master of International Public Health, AusAID Scholarship Recipient, Nepal.

 Pedro, Master of Health Communication



"The most rewarding part of this program was learning how the general public sees and understands the medical environment. A barrier is found in the complex language utilised by researchers, and this is a large part of what health communicators try to overcome; to allow for the message to relate with the every day."

Pedro, Master of Health Communication




"In this course I've really enjoyed meeting and learning about the other participants and their communities. The highlight for me so far has been listening and learning about the various types of programs/projects the others are running in their communities and how I can take certain aspects and implement them in my own community."

Corey, Graduate Diploma of Indigenous Health Promotion




"I've really enjoyed the course and found that the core subjects built on each other and provided a good insight into the history and development of qualitative health research. The focus on understanding epistemology, methodology and methods really helps to plan research, keep it on track and maintain rigous."

Helen, Master of Qualitative Health Research 



"Overall the biostatistics course gives you a fantastic grounding in research methods and analytical tools specifically for health research which opens fantastic career opportunities."

Jason, Master of Biostatistics