Honours in medical science

The study of undergraduate Medical Science at the University of Sydney is undertaken in the Faculty of Science, with major teaching contributions from Sydney Medical School. Medical Science undergraduates are amongst those then eligible to undertake an Honours year within Sydney Medical School as part of their Science degree.

These opportunities constitute an additional year of full-time Honours study in medical research for students from undergraduate courses other than the Medical Program.
During this time the student will conduct a research project and write a thesis under the supervision of a member of the academic staff of Sydney Medical School.
There may be a component of coursework as well.

The University also offers a number of scholarships for honours students through the Scholarships Office

If you are looking for honours as part of your degree in Medicine rather than medical science, please visit Honours for current Medical students

Who can apply?

If you are a current undergraduate student of, or have graduated within the last two years with a bachelor’s degree from, the Faculties of Science, Health Sciences or Arts (Bachelor of Liberal Studies only), you may be eligible to enrol in an additional honours year with Sydney Medical School

This applies to students and graduates of all Australian universities

The first step before applying is to search for an honours project

Once you have identified a potential project and/or a potential supervisor:

  • Contact the supervisor to obtain approval to undertake the project
  • Contact the Honours coordinator for that discipline for further information
  • Formally apply through your relevant faculty (for example if you wish to do a Bachelor of Science contact the Faculty of Science)