Information for prospective indigenous students

Sydney Medical School is committed to encouraging and supporting indigenous Australians interested in learning, working and leading across the range of medical and health fields.

indigenous students graduating in 2009

Scholarships available for indigenous students

Sydney Medical School offers a wide range of scholarships for indigenous students in both the Sydney Medical Program and postgraduate courses.

In addition, the Koori Centre has information on scholarships available to indigenous students offered by the University of Sydney and other organisations.

Indigenous students and the combined medicine option

The Sydney Medical School combined medicine option is a way for new students to gain a place in the Sydney Medical Program when they leave school. The combined medicine pathway involves completing a three year bachelor degree followed by the four year graduate medical degree.

Each year 5 of the 35 potential combined medicine places are reserved for indigenous students.

Resources and support for indigenous students

ATSI students considering applying to study in Sydney Medical Program
are welcome to contact Dr Lilon Bandler for more information and support in making their application:

Dr Lilon Bandler
Phone: 02 9036 7577

Other organisations:

The Australian Indigenous Doctors' Association has a student representative and welcomes engagement with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander medical students.

Indigenous health initiatives and opportunities

Sydney Medical School supports and contributes to numerous opportunities for students of all backgrounds to contribute to and improve health in Australian indigenous communities, including:

The Poche Centre for Indigenous Health

A Centre of the University within Sydney Medical School, the core business of The Poche Centre for Indigenous Health includes the development of sustainable models of service delivery for Aboriginal communities. The Poche Centre also conducts research and education activities, and facilitates regular clinical visits from primary care providers, medical specialists, nurses, midwives, dentists and allied health professionals, to address gaps and priorities in clinical service delivery to Aboriginal communities.

Indigenous health scholarships

Scholarships such as the Rowan Nicks Russell Drysdale Fellowship and William Inglis Scholarship have been established to support students interested in making a contribution to Indigenous health and welfare.