Doctor of Medicine (MD)

1. Doctor of Medicine - for applicants with a bachelor's degree

Before applying you MUST download and read the Admissions Guide 2015 .

Applications for 2015 entry for international applicants will be open from 10am Tuesday 1 April 2014 to 10am Monday 7 July 2014 (Sydney, Australia time).

Applications for 2015 entry for domestic applicants will be open from 10am Wednesday 23rd April 2014 to 10am Tuesday 3 June 2014 (Sydney, Australia time).

Please note that the selection requirements for entry to the MD in 2016 and beyond are subject to change. Any new policy will be posted here when it is available. Please revisit this website on a regular basis for any updates. (It is unnecessary to contact the University and/or Sydney Medical School for future policy as no further information can be provided.)

2. Double Degree Medicine - for high school leavers

Please see the Double Degree Medicine page for details.

N.B. Sydney Medical School regularly reviews the admission criteria and application processes for its courses, including the Doctor of Medicine. It reserves the right to change these criteria and processes without notice. Information on this website provides advice about the currently applicable criteria and processes, and may not be correct for future application periods.