Admissions - Other essential information for applicants

NSW Health Clinical Placement policy & Prohibited Employment Declaration

Enrolment in the Medical Program requires additional checks and declarations to be completed. Please visit Course-specific requirements for further details.

First Aid Certificate

Successful applicants must provide evidence that they hold a current approved Senior First Aid certificate. The
duration of a senior first aid course should be at least 1 day and the areas covered should include:

  • Basic first aid
  • Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation

The following organisations conduct senior First Aid Training courses that are recommended by the Faculty of Medicine:

  • Australian Red Cross Society (
  • Medilife (
  • Royal Life Saving Society Australia (
  • St John Ambulance Australia (
  • Sydney University Sport (

If you reside outside of Australia, you may provide a First Aid certificate which is recognised by foreign governments.

For further information, please contact:


Deferment of enrolment following offer of a place in the Medical Program will be considered in the following circumstances:

  • Progression to Honours, Masters or a PhD. Before deferment is granted supporting documentation must be provided. Such deferment is to encourage applicants to undertake research in their chosen field.
  • Completion of "professional years" such as the pre-registration training period required of Pharmacy graduates.
  • Otherwise deferment of an offer will only be considered under exceptional circumstances which could not have been foreseen at the time of application.

Requests for deferment must be in writing and must be received by 30 November. Applicants must accept a place before they can submit a request to defer. Deferment can only be granted one year at a time and will not be expected to last longer than two years. Requests will be considered by the Admissions Committee and the Dean of Sydney Medical School. Supporting documentation must be provided in order for any request is granted.


Transfer of enrolment between medical schools is not possible except in exceptional circumstances. Applications for transfer for 2015 close on 30 September 2014.

Transfer will not be considered if an applicant has applied to the Medical Program but has been rejected.

Applicants for transfer must have met the requirements for admission to the Medical Program that were in place at the time of admission to their current medical school.

Applicants for transfer must complete at least 50 per cent of the Medical Program (ie transfers will only be considered for entry into Stage 1, Stage 2 or the start of Stage 3).

Matters that the Dean will consider in reviewing an application for transfer include:

  1. The circumstances leading to a request for transfer
  2. Whether the medical program curriculum undertaken by the applicant at the prior institution is comparable to the Sydney Medical Program, as determined by the Sydney Medical School
  3. The academic performance of the applicant in the prior medical school
  4. The availability of places in the year applied for

It may be the case that applicants will be required to undertake a barrier examination that permits entry into the appropriate year.

Applicants will be required to release all documents relevant to their current course.

Please complete a Transfer Application Form (PDF) and return it along with the required documents via email:

Exemptions and Advanced Standing

No applicant will be admitted to Sydney Medical Program with advanced standing, and exemptions from participating in part of the program will not be offered.

Change in Immigration Status

There are three possible outcomes for international applicants to the Doctor of Medicine whose immigration status changes after they lodge their application (Note: Double Degree Medicine students should refer to the Double Degree Medicine page for information.):

1. The applicant’s status changes before an offer is made.
If an international applicant is granted permanent resident status (or New Zealand citizenship) before an offer is made, his/her application will be void. He/she may re-apply for a domestic place in a subsequent intake.

2. An international applicant becomes a permanent resident of Australia (or a New Zealand citizen) after an offer is made and prior to enrolment.
An international applicant who is granted permanent residency (or New Zealand citizenship) after an offer is made and prior to enrolment must be re-assessed for admission to a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP). (For this purpose, a student is considered to have commenced his/her course at the date on which he/she attended enrolment for the course.)

Eligibility for admission to a CSP is dependent upon:

  • the standard of results achieved in the applicant’s previous academic qualifications (and in any other entry requirements) relating to the Medical Program being equivalent to that required by a domestic student to obtain a CSP in the course, and,
  • a CSP* being available in the course.

If an applicant is not eligible for admission to a CSP* in the course, his/her offer of admission to the MD will be revoked, in which case he/she may apply for admission to a course for which he/she meets the entry requirements for a CSP*.

The date of becoming a permanent resident is the date stamped on the applicant’s passport or "Certificate of Evidence of Resident Status" from the Commonwealth Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC), not the date on which the application for status is made.

3. An international student becomes a permanent resident of Australia (or a New Zealand citizen) after enrolment.
An international student who is granted permanent residency (or New Zealand citizenship) after enrolment may, according to the Higher Education Support Act 2003, transfer to a Domestic Full Fee Paying place. If the student obtains Permanent Residency Status or advises the University after the census date, the student will be classified as an international student for the remainder of that semester. The student will be classified as permanent resident from the following semester or term.

* For the purposes of admission into the Medical Program, students may be offered a standard CSP or a Bonded Medical Place (BMP) or Medical Rural Bonded Scholarship Scheme Places (MRBSS). The type of CSP offered will be based on the standard of the applicant’s academic qualifications, the applicant’s performance in the Admission Test and Interview and the availability of places. Further information about BMPs or MRBSS places can be obtained from or

International Research Project

Sydney Medical School at the University of Sydney is currently involved with an international multi-site research project investigating the efficacy of CASPer (Computer-based Assessment of Personal Characteristics) in a diverse population. The Michael G DeGroote Medical School at McMaster University, Ontario, Canada, currently uses CASPer as an admission tool for screening applicants prior to their being offered an interview. The research project is looking at performance in CASPer and areas of diversity such as culture, socioeconomic status, geography, age, educational background, and language to ensure that CASPer does not disadvantage any applicants.

If you apply to Sydney Medical School, you may be sent a letter mentioning this research, and giving you a URL to contact if you are interested in more information about the research.

The Admissions Office at the Sydney Medical School will have no information about who makes inquiries about or who participates in CASPer. Therefore, participation, or lack thereof, will have no influence on your application to the Medical School.

Please note that the research is totally voluntary and NOT part of the Medical School admissions process.

Other Information

Sydney Medical School regularly reviews the admission criteria and application processes for its courses, including the Medical Program. It reserves the right to change these criteria and processes without notice. Information on this website provides advice about the currently applicable criteria and processes, and may not be correct for future application periods.