Medical Elective placements for students from other universities

General Information


Sydney Medical School welcomes applications from overseas and Australian medical students wishing to undertake elective placements at one of its teaching hospitals in the clinical schools. The usual duration of these placements is up to 8 weeks and may be clinical or research-based. Longer placements may be possible upon request.

It is important that you read the following information:

Only students in the final stages of study will be considered.

Medical students seeking to undertake elective placements are encouraged to apply to the clinical schools at least 9 months in advance.

Clinical Schools Offering Elective Placement

The following clinical schools offer elective placement:

How to Apply

For information on how to apply for a clinical placement, contact the relevant clinical school directly.

Please note you may only make one application at a time.

If your first choice is not available, the Elective Coordinator will contact you to see if you wish to apply to another Clinical School within the Medical School.

General Application Process

Each clinical school may have its own requirements relating to electives. However, as a general guide to applying for a placement:

  • Fill in an University of Sydney application form (provided by the clinical school to which you are applying)
  • Pay an application fee (please contact individual clinical schools for information on their elective fees)
  • Provide a current curriculum vitae (CV)
  • Provide information as to the elective requirements of your medical school
  • Provide a letter of recommendation from the Dean or a senior faculty member from your medical school (in English, or provide a certified translation)
  • Provide written proof from your medical school that you are covered by public and professional indemnity insurance (including medical malpractice) for the period of your elective (in English, or provide a certified translation). You should also arrange personal health and/travel insurance prior to coming to Australia.
  • NSW Health requirements: Students undertaking study within NSW Health Department facilities will be required to undertake a NSW Health National Police Check, Prohibited Employment Check and fulfil the NSW Health infectious diseases requirements providing evidence on a Vaccination Card.

Criminal Record Check
About bout this document:

  • Any criminal record check must be dated within 12 months of the expected date of completing your elective. For example, if you plan to finish your elective on 30 November 2005, your criminal record check must not be dated prior to 30 November 2004.
  • must be state-wide or province wide (local or shire is not sufficient)
  • must be from the country in which you have spent a majority of the last 12 months (usually the country that you are studying in)
  • if not in English, must be accompanied by a certified translation.
  • originals or certified copies must be sent with your application.

For further information on National Police Check, please visit the NSW Department of Health website (type “clinical placement” in the search area).