Clinical placements

From the first block of the Doctor of Medicine, students have patient contact in various clinical schools, providing invaluable clinical experience in a range of settings.

The Clinical network comprises large urban hospitals and smaller rural hospitals, offering students a balanced view of urban and rural health care and their differences.

Across the hospitals a huge range of specialisations are catered for, and students have access to most parts of the hospitals; they are able to sit in on surgical procedures and visit wards and accident and emergency units.

Students spend a minimum of one day per week at a clinical school during Stages 1 and 2 of the program.

While practical clinical experience forms the basis for all learning in the latter two years of the Doctor of Medicine (Stage 3), it is accompanied by a structured teaching program. The balance between clerkship-based activities and scheduled sessions varies.

In general, formal teaching sessions reduce in number and frequency as students move throughout years 3 and 4 (Stage 3) of the program and are essentially withdrawn in the Pre-internship term.