Why study here?

Sydney Medical School’s Doctor of Medicine (MD) program is for those wishing to become a doctor. It is a four-year professional postgraduate program and is recognised by the Australian Medical Council and the Medical Board of Australia. Sydney Medical School has been training practitioners for almost 160 years and is highly ranked both within Australia and internationally. With an extensive and closely linked network of research institutes and major hospitals, our teachers, clinicians and researchers are directly involved at every level in improving health care for our own communities and overseas.

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Sydney Medical School offers its globally recognised medical program as a four-year graduate-entry medical degree offering:

What will I learn?

The 4-year course includes weekly clinical experience in leading hospitals from the very first weeks, regular PBL (problem-based learning) exercises in small groups, traditional lectures with expert practitioners and ongoing opportunities to participate in research.

In years 1 and 2 you will gain hands-on experience in a structured, supervised program with regular patient contact and weekly clinical school participation.

In years 3 and 4 you will transfer to your clinical school full-time for further in-depth exposure to clinical practices. You'll also complete an elective term (preferably with one of our international partners) and may elect to undertake an honours research project.

During the degree you will accquire a thorough grounding in fundamental medical sciences and human anatomy, with the option to attend intensive dissection classes over summer.

There are also compulsory independent learning activities (again with numerous international opportunities), an 8-week rural rotation and pre-internship training, including preparation for North American registration if you intend to practice in the USA or Canada.

Upon successful completion of the course you will qualify to undertake an internship within the hospital system, following which you can apply for professional recognition as a medical practitioner in Australia or overseas.