Application procedure for domestic students

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How to apply for a coursework program

  • All postgraduate applications (except for higher doctorate degrees click here for more information) must now be made directly to the university via Sydney Student, including applications to study as an international student.
  • To apply for a course, search here.

Essential documentation for all applicants:

  • For Australian and New Zealand citizens: Either a birth certificate, passport, or citizenship certificate
  • For Australian permanent residents: The front page of your passport and evidence of permanent residence status and the date you first landed in Australia with this visa.
  • Marriage certificate or other documentation to verify name change if applicable
  • Transcripts of all academic qualifications except for studies completed at the University of Sydney
  • Curriculum vitae (CV) outlining employment history and relevant experience
  • Note: We reserve the right to request original copies of supporting documentation at any point.

Additional documentation required for:

  • Clinical Epidemiology, Health Policy and Pain Management applicants
    A statement of intent is required (usually a few paragraphs) stating why you would like to study this degree and how it would benefit your professional development.
    Biostatistics applicants:
    Evidence of mathematical aptitude and evidence of previous study in statistics. You will also need to complete the Biostatistics units of study and student contact details form (pdf).
    Master of Science in Medicine (Infection and Immunity) applicants without 1st or 2nd class Honours or equivalent:
    Letter on company letterhead signed by their employer stating the start/end of their employment and detailing the skills acquired or used by the said applicant in this position
  • Psychotherapy applicants:
    Documentary evidence of professional indemnity insurance to practice psychotherapy
  • Surgery applicants:
    • Documentary evidence regarding level of surgical training (FRACS, SET, or SSTN)
    • Documentary evidence from any other professional associations or for examinations completed (if applicable)
      • Resident Medical Officer/Intern applicants: Two current academic or employment related written references
      • Resident Medical Officer/Intern applicants: Send an email to the Discipline of Surgery (email requesting an appointment for an interview, once you have submitted your application online.
  • To be considered for admission Masters candidates must nominate one of the following specialty steams on their application: Breast Surgery, Cardiothoracic Surgery, Colorectal, Endocrine Surgery, Hand Surgery, Head and Neck, Neurosurgery, Orthopaedic, Otorhinolaryngology, Paediatric Surgery, Plastic/Reconstructive Surgery, Surgical Oncology, Surgical Outcomes, Transplant Surgery, Upper Gastrointestinal Surgery, Urology, Vascular Surgery and Endovascular Surgery.

How to apply for individual subjects via non-award

You may enrol in and undertake individual subjects or "units of study” rather than a full award course. In most cases this is considered to be “non-award” study (click here to apply), but if you are doing the subject for an award course for which you have enrolled at another institution then it will be called “cross institutional” study (click here to apply).

The units of study available are all delivered at a postgraduate level and therefore applicants are requested to provide a copy of transcripts. Some units of study are specifically designed for students with specific assumed knowledge and therefore applicants may be asked to provide additional information.

Fees vary depending on an applicant’s citizenship or permanent residency and therefore applicants are asked to provid copies of their passport or birth certificate.

If you are granted an offer of admission you will then need to enrol in the subject and undertake all the necessary study and assessment requirements. The University of Sydney enrolment and assessment policies will all apply to your study and your enrolment and results will be recorded on your academic transcript.

In some cases it is possible to “audit” a subject, in which case you would not need to enrol or undertake the assessment. Please contact the unit of study coordinator to determine if this is an option, if you wish to audit a unit of study. It should be noted that the University of Sydney will not provide credit towards an award course for an audited subject.

How to apply for a research program

  1. Before you apply for a research program you should make direct contact with the postgraduate co-ordinator of the discipline in which you wish to study in order to discuss potential research topics, ensure that appropriate research facilities are available and to find out about potential supervisors with expertise in the relevant field. This is a vital step which you should make prior to submitting your application. In addition to applicants' qualifications and experience, admission to research programs will depend on the availability of resources, facilities and supervisors with relevant expertise.
    Who is my Postgraduate Co-ordinator?
    You can also search for current research opportunities, through Research Supervisor Connect
  2. Make sure that you have both a supervisor AND at least one associate supervisor and that their full names and contact details are provided with your application. Note: your Primary supervisor must be registered. Click here to see current list of approved supervisors.
  3. All applications are now made online - follow the 'apply now' links from the course description for the program of your choice

Essential documentation:

  • Written research proposal (approximately 1 to 2 pages in length) which should include a synopsis, objectives, methodology, resources, references and the full names and contact details (address, telephone and e-mail) of your supervisor and associate supervisor(s).
  • Evidence of Australian or NZ citizenship or Australian permanent residency status
  • Marriage certificate or other documentation to verify name change if applicable
  • Transcripts of all academic qualifications except for studies completed at the University of Sydney
    statement of part-time candidature explaining your reasons for applying for part-time candidature, the relationship of the research to your employment and arrangements for attendance at the university.

English language requirements

If English is not your first language, you MUST demonstrate English language proficiency by one of the following means before admission can be confirmed.

  1. Provide evidence of satisfactory achievement in tertiary studies in which the exclusive language of the institution and the exclusive language of instruction, examination and assessment was English. These studies must have been undertaken no more than 5 years prior to the submission of your application.
  2. Achieve the required grades in “English for Academic Purposes” at the University’s Centre for English Teaching. The course must have been completed no more than 2 years prior to the submission of your application.
  3. Achieve the required grades on an International English Language Testing System (IELTS) or Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) test. The required grades are listed below. The test results must be achieved less than 2 years prior to the submission of your application. For more information on these tests, please visit the IELTS website or the TOEFL website.

The Academic Board policy Postgraduate English Language Requirements is available at thePolicy Register.

Closing dates for domestic applications

In general, the closing dates for domestic applications to Sydney Medical School courses are as follow:

Postgraduate Coursework
31 January for commencement in Semester 1 (i.e. commencement in March)
30 June for commencement in Semester 2 (i.e. commencement in July)
Late applications may be considered.

Postgraduate Research
You can apply for a research degree at any time. You should submit a completed application at least 6 weeks before the HDR research period you wish to enrol in.

Please note the following exceptions:

APA/UPA scholarship applicants
If you are applying for a scholarship such as an Australian Postgraduate Award or a University Postgraduate Award, then your application for the degree must be in by the due date for the application for the scholarship (the two applications are separate). This is normally 31 October for scholarships commencing in semester 1 of the following year and late May for scholarships commencing in semester 2, but please check the Scholarships Office website to confirm this.

Offers of admission

Student Services will contact you via your Sydney Student Portal once a decision has been made regarding your application. If your application has been successful, you will be sent an ‘offer of admission’ letter, via your Sydney Student Portal, providing details of your candidature. This letter should be checked carefully and any questions about the terms of the offer should be referred to Student Services. Unsuccessful applicants will also receive notification via their Sydney Student Portal.

The letter of offer only offers you a place in a course, which may be conditional on you providing further information. Please note: You must still enrol if you accept the offer.

If details of when to enrol are not included with the letter of offer then Student Services will contact you closer to your commencement date with details on how to enrol. You can also check the enrolment website for updates leading up to the beginning of semester.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you do not accept your offer through your Sydney Student portal you will not be able to enrol for the degree.

Non-acceptance of an offer

If for any reason you are unable to accept an offer of admission, please please indicate this through your Sydney Student portal as soon as possible.

Please note: The University is unable to keep unsuccessful applications or applications of students who do not accept an offer of admission. Therefore, if you wish to reapply in the future, you will be required to lodge a new application.

Deferral of commencement

If you have been given an offer of admission but can't enrol for the semester of the offer, you can apply to defer your enrolment until the next intake. Note that deferrals are not automatically granted, particularly for research applicants as the funds to support the research project may only be available for a limited period.

Please submit your request for deferment via your Sydney Student Portal. Make sure to include a brief reason why you are asking for the deferral.

Credit for previous study

Credit for previous study can be sought. Your previous study must be relevant to the course to which you are applying.

You can apply for credit at the same time you submit your course application via Sydney Student. Such requests must be supported by documentary evidence of having enrolled and satisfactorily completed the relevant subject, such as certified transcripts, and course outlines to show the relevance of the subject.

Credit for prior study in a research degree should be requested in writing at the time of application for admission to candidature. Such requests must be supported by documentary evidence of having enrolled and officially discontinued from a previous research degree.

The granting of credit is limited and for further details please refer to both the Course Coordinator and the Advanced standing, credit, waiver and exemption policy of the Combined Board of Postgraduate Studies for the Faculties of Dentistry, Medicine and Pharmacy.