Sydney Medical School offers extensive scholarships – In 2010 the Dean’s Scholarship Fund will award scholarships to the combined value of more than $100,000.
In addition, our Medical Alumni Association offers several scholarships established by its members, and many clinical schools provide scholarships for elective terms.

Below is a list of ongoing scholarships, many of which are open to current and prospective students. In addition to these, each year the Dean’s Scholarship Fund will make a certain amount of funding available to support students attending electives, experiencing financial hardship or undertaking research activities such as Honours projects.

Indigenous students and indigenous health

Sydney Medical School scholarships to support indigenous students and others for students interested in studying and working in indigenous health.

Medical Program - prospective students

Sydney Medical School scholarships for Medical Program students.
Please note that, while most of these are open to all students, some may have additional requirements and you should read all requirements regarding particular scholarships and prizes before applying.

Medical Program - prospective international students

Scholarship information for prospective international students will be provided soon.

Medical Program - currently enrolled students

Sydney Medical School offers a wide range of scholarships and prizes for students currently enrolled in the Medical Program.
Please note that not all students are eligible to apply for all prizes/scholarships.

Postgraduate coursework

Sydney Medical School Foundation has numerous scholarships on offer to students enrolled in postgraduate coursework degrees.

Postgraduate research

Sydney Medical School offers several scholarships for research higher degrees to Australian and New Zealand citizens or permanent residents of Australia who enrol full-time within Sydney Medical School. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic merit and any other criteria stipulated for individual scholarships.
Not all scholarships are offered in any one year.

Postgraduate prizes

There are several postgraduate prizes available to Sydney Medical School students.

Research support schemes