Writing awards

Note that PHC RED funding concluded at the end of 2011 and this program is no longer active.
We offer small Writing Awards to encourage early-mid career researchers to publish their findings in refereed publications. The Awards are not offered as writing assistance but are for completed articles submitted to peer-reviewed journals. An applicant must appear as first author on a publication. For more information about the Awards please contact Dr Amanda Rosso Buckton E:

Writing Awards have been conferred for the following articles:
Shane Christensen 'Supporting clinical teachers - A review of the literature.' Australian Family Physician 2008, 37 (4): 247-249.
Penny Abbott (with Joyce Davison & Louise Moore) 'Too many of us have gone early - Priorities in heart health education for Aboriginal people.' Australian Family Physician 2008, 37 (4): 266-268.
Bernadette Zakher (with Melissa Kang) 'Attitudes to Chlamydia screening in General Practice among Australian university students: a pilot study.' Sexual Health 2008, 5 (4): 359-363.
Penny Abbott (with Joyce Davison, Louise Moore & Raechelle Rubinstein) 'Barriers and enhancers to dietary behaviour change for Aboriginal people - lessons for nutrition education programs.' Submitted for publication, December 2008.
Penny Abbott (with Joyce Davison, Louise Moore & Raechelle Rubinstein) 'Effective nutrition education for Aboriginal Australians - lessons from a diabetes cooking course.' Currently under review.
Kirsten F. Ward (with Holly Seale, Nick Zwar, Julie Leask, C. Raina MacIntyre) 'Annual influenza vaccination: coverage and attitude of primary care staff in Australia.'
Shane Christensen (with Jill Thistlethwaite) 'Developing general practitioners' teaching skills: student enhanced learning.' The Clinical Teacher 2009, 6:225-228.

Applications for 2011 Writing Awards close on Tuesday, 1 November 2011 at COB. Please note that we are unable to accept applications beyond this date due to the University’s end of year financial timetable.