Youth Health Research Interest Group (YHRIG)


YHRIG is a network of primary health care practitioners, policy makers and researchers with an interest in youth health research in Australia. YHRIG provides research support to members and works to advance the status of healthcare among Australian youth. Members meet every two months via teleconference and online. Since 2006 YHRIG has presented workshops at the annual General Practice & Primary Health Care Research Conference convened by the Primary Health Care Research & Information Service. These include:
2006 - "The Youth Health Research Information Group."
2007 - "Where and how we can conduct youth health research more effectively."
2008 - "Health for all young people: research practice and policy implications."
2009 - "Empowering primary health carers through research and education to improve the health of young people."
2010 - "Improving health care for young people through primary health care research and health reform."


  1. To advance primary and community health care research in adolescent health and thereby establish ways to improve the health care of young Australians.
  2. To consolidate and expand the Youth Health Research Interest Group.
  3. To network with other state and national research groups whose focus includes primary and community health care and young people.
  4. To advocate for health and policy reform that will advance the health of young people in Australia.


Membership is open to primary and community health care practitioners with an interest in adolescent health research in Australia. To join YHRIG’s e-list and for information about members’ research projects contact the Groups’s Facilitator, or .