Current projects

Access 3 Study

Funded by NSW Kids and Families to inform youth health policy, the ACCESS 3 research study will describe the experiences of young people accessing and navigating the health system in NSW focusing on the barriers and facilitators to accessing health care for marginalised young people in NSW.

The ACCESS 3 study will focus on marginalised young people aged 12-24 living in NSW who are:

  • living in rural/remote areas
  • homeless or at risk of homelessness
  • refugees or vulnerable migrants
  • identifying as gender or sexuality diverse

This multifaceted project, includes a cross-sectional survey of young people in NSW, complemented by an in-depth, qualitative, longitudinal study of a subsample of marginalised young people and their journeys through the health system over twelve months. The impact of digital media on access and navigation will also be explored in both studies. The perspectives of service providers on access, health system navigation and system inefficiencies will also be sought. Research findings will be presented to key stakeholders from policy and practice to help translate the findings into policy-relevant recommendations.

Chief Investigators:
Dr Melissa Kang, Principal Investigator, Department of General Practice Westmead, University of Sydney
Fiona Robards, Senior Research Officer, Department of General Practice Westmead, University of Sydney
Professor Tim Usherwood, Department of General Practice Westmead, University of Sydney
Professor Kate Steinbeck, Academic Department of Adolescent Medicine University of Sydney
Associate Professor Lena Sanci, Department of General Practice, University of Melbourne
Professor Stephen Jan, The George Institute for Global Health
Associate Professor Catherine Hawke, School of Rural Health, University of Sydney
Dr Marlene Kong, The Kirby Institute, University of New South Wales

Associate Investigators:
Cristyn Davies, University of Sydney/ Twenty10 Board member
Associate Professor Rachel Skinner, University of Sydney
Associate Professor Karen Zwi, Sydney Children’s Hospital Network/ Refugee Health
Lisa Woodland, Multicultural Health/ Refugee Health
Graham Lane, NSW Youth Health Council
Kate Tolley, NSW Youth Health Council
Clin Ass Prof Sue Towns, Sydney Children’s Hospital Network
Dr Andrew Campbell, University of Sydney
Associate Professor, Oliver Burmeister, Charles Sturt University
Professor Fiona Brooks, University of Technology Sydney

The survey is led by the Department of General Practice Westmead, University of Sydney, Australia.
Dr Melissa Kang
Fiona Robards
P: +61 2 9845 9214