Professor Lesley Barclay AO

Professor & Head of UCRH
University Centre for Rural Health, School of Public Health

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Curriculum vitae

Biographical details

Lesley Barclay's leadership is exemplified by her Council membership of NHMRC for 6 years and she served a similar time on the first Australian Council for Safety and Quality in Health Care. She is currently a Board member on the Northern Rivers (NR) Board of Regional Development Australia also sits on the Board of the NR General Practice network. She applied for a role leading the UDRH in Lismore after 5 years working in the Northern Territory to expand her contribution to rural Australia. [More...]

Research interests

Professor Barclay is an educational leader, health services researcher and systems reformer whose projects have improved services in remote and urban Australia and internationally. Much of her recent research has been rural, remote or indigenous focussed. She has been a chief investigator on 14 Group 1 grants, including a NHMRC Centre of Clinical Excellence and has led 9 of these.

Current national competitive grants*


The Australian Regional Birthing Index (ARBI)
Barclay L, Morgan G, Donoghue D, Oats J, Grzybowski S, Dunbar T, Kruske S, Kildea S
NHMRC Project Grants ($473,512 over 3 years)

* Grants administered through the University of Sydney


Family studies; Child health; Maternal health; Rural health; Health services and management

International links

China. (Womens and Childrens Hospital in Sichuan; Second Univerity) Recently completed joint ARC Linkage grant; shared publications. Attempting to get other research funded.
Indonesia. (Ministry of Health and Health Academies in Kalimantan and Makassar) AusAID and World Bank consultancies that contributed to the educations of health professionals, improved services and capacity building.
Samoa. (Ministry of Health and National University) Nearly 20 years of consultancy and research funded by WHO and AusAID; this has produced numerous reports and 2 research based books that are jointly authored by myself and Samoan colleagues.
Canada. (Canadian Centre for Rural Health Research at University of British Columbia) Shared grants and research collaborations.


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