Welcome to SydReN - the Sydney Primary Care Practice-Based Research Network

What is SydReN?

The Sydney Practice-Based Research Network (SydReN) is a collaboration between the Discipline of General Practice at the University of Sydney and primary care practices in Sydney and its surrounds.

SydReN, established in 2010, is a new venture that aims to link GPs more closely with competitively-funded research relevant to general practice. We hope that the network will encourage the development of important and high quality primary care research in Sydney that in turn translates into primary care policy-making and the improved delivery of primary care.

SydReN specifically aims to engage GPs who have an interest in research, want to hear what's happening in research, or may be keen to have research projects run through their practices but don't have the time or skills to develop their own research. Practitioners will be able to develop their research skills as well as identify and frame research questions relevant to their practice, while academic GPs and other researchers can access practitioners' expertise and experience, as well as a practice base1.

"It is in practice-based research where effectiveness can be measured, where new clinical questions may arise, where readiness to change and adopt new treatments can be studied and addressed, where patient knowledge and preferences are encountered and managed… Practice-based research is the final common pathway for improving individual patient care and outcomes"

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