SydReN Research

SydReN encourages its members to participate in high-level, approved, ethical research projects that are designed to acknowledge and support general practice. SydReN strives to endorse projects in which general practitioners have been involved with the design of the project or have provided support in an advisory capacity. Projects must be relevant to primary health care and where possible involve educating general practitioners and other primary care practitioners in order to build up knowledge and research capacities of those participating.

Current Studies

1) Which test is best study?

SydReN provides recruitment and administrative support for this cluster randomised, multi-centre trial in collaboration with the University of Sydney. This study is being funded as part of a Priority 1-Research-Driven grant from Cancer Australia. Phase 1 of this study developed a web-based tool with an algorithm applying the Australian guidelines and pilot tested the online bowel cancer family-history risk tool. Phase two aims to evaluate the use of this web-based tool for adults in assisting GP triage to make risk-appropriate screening referrals for bowel cancer, using a patient's family history and providing the patient and their GP with a suggested risk category and appropriate screening recommendations. Unlike the current 'one-size-fits-all' programs for colorectal cancer screening this will allow patients and their GPs to individualise colorectal cancer screening according to risk. GPs are eligible for 40 Category 1 QI&CPD points for research.
Recruitment occurs through randomised generated list of patients, aged 25-74 years, who have attended your practice within the last 2yrs, who is well enough to participate, has no cognitive impairments, speaks adequate English and does not reside in a nursing home. After 12 months, you will be asked to complete a brief online survey seeking your opinions on the current NHMRC colorectal cancer screening recommendations. For more information, please contact the study coordinator Brandi Baylock on (02) 9351 3137 or

Research Partners

2) PC4

PC4 is the Primary Care Collaborative Cancer Clinical Trials Group. We are funded by Cancer Australia to develop and conduct cancer research in primary care. PC4 aims to fill a clear gap in cancer care research, most of which currently happens in the tertiary care sector or in laboratories.

Our Group fosters collaboration between researchers, health care practitioners and consumers to:

  • Build research capacity and infrastructure
  • Enable the development of pre-trial studies, leading to large-scale multi-site clinical trials
  • Fill the evidence gaps in oncology in primary care and
  • Improve health outcomes and care for cancer patients.

As much of primary care research is conducted within and with the assistance of general practices, some of PC4's seed funding has been used to support VicReN. VicReN assist us by giving VicReN members the opportunity to become involved in PC4 primary care cancer research projects.

You can find out more about PC4 by visiting our website at