Medical program - Independent learning activities

Research and clinical skills in general practice

Through research and practical sessions students will explore an issue of relevance to general practice and of interest to the student. Areas of reasearch interest in this discipline include women's health, mental health and general practice education. However, the student is not restricted to these topics alone.

Practical sessions will be conducted in general practices in Sydney.

Ongoing support from the supervisor will be available through the term.

Learning structure

  • Discussions
  • Private Sessions
  • Structured Interviews
  • Direct Patient Interaction

Form of assessment

Assignment : 1500 words or an oral presentation.


Professor Simon Willcock
T: +61 2 9556 7200
F: +61 2 9818 1343

Dr Narelle Shadbolt
T: +61 2 9477 9136
F: +61 2 9482 1642