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Other scholarship recipients for 2010

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Other scholarship recipients for 2008

Report on the Academic visit to the University of Sydney by Nguyen Tien Dung, Vietnam

I. Introduction
Nguyen Tien Dung, born in 1960, a medical doctor working for the United Nation Population Fund (UNFPA) in Hanoi, Vietnam. His background encompasses two main domains, (i) specialist in obstetric gynecology and (ii) master public health. During 24 years from 1984 to 2008, Dr Dung has worked for several organizations in different positions including government staff, local non-government organizations (NGOs), international NGOs officer, and latterly UN staff.

Dr. Dung has been working mainly in the field of Mother Child Health care. He wants to improve his professional knowledge and skills and he is ambitious to obtain an occasion to study PhD in Australia. HOCMAI foundation, as its name, provided Dr Dung one month scholarship during September, 2008 to facilitate his ambition of “for ever learning” at the University of Sydney.

II. Purposes of the visit
To discuss with his potential supervisors on the research proposal that he expects to study for PhD. He also benefices this occasion to investigate a possibility of studying and get acquaintance with the academic environment at the University of Sydney.

III. The achievements
During one month of the academic visit at the School of Public Health, Faculty of Medicine. He gains the main achievements as follows...


Reflections of Fellowship in Australia with Dr Charlie Teo


I have received a Fellowship with the Hoc Mai foundation to stay in Sydney for three months, from first july to 29th September, during the period time, I have learned more useful things, gain more new knowledge, higher degree and more experiences from Dr Charlie.

Every week, on Monday we have to operate for patients in Private Hospital.

On Tuesday we have to discuss some patients before we have to work in clinical room to examine some patients and prepares some patients for operate in Wednesday in private Hospital.

On Thursday we have to operate for some patients in Public Hospital.

On Friday we have to prepare some patients to operate on next Monday.

Most of patients are cerebral lesions include brain tumors and others neurologic disorders.

I have learned technique operate from Dr Teo that is “key hole” and how to apply some advantage of medical instruments as endoscope and microscope and also navigation to operate for patients. Especially I have learned to combine microscope and endoscope.

During period time I have participated in more than 50 case with Dr Teo.

Until now I have applied two techniques to operate for some patients in my hospital as acoustic neuroma, trigeminal neuralgia…

Other scholarship recipients for 2007

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