Scholarships for nursing students from the University of Sydney

Richard Blennerhassett et al

2010 Nursing students from University of Sydney

Nadia Hjij


Having been accepted to a four week nursing scholarship in Vietnam, I was given the opportunity to be placed at Vietnam’s biggest hospital called Bach Mai Hospital. I was thrilled to be accepted and filled with anticipation, and after a long but swift flight to Vietnam I found myself a great place to stay and was more than ready to observe and learn about patient care in a country with a different language and different culture.

On a typical day most mornings were spent in the emergency department. None of the nurses were able to communicate in English and my mentor Dr Tue kindly made sure that my fellow students and I always had an opportunity to learn something new, ensuring that we could understand through his own English speaking ability. I was able to observe the nurses whilst they were working and I also had the privilege of gaining a better understanding of patient’s pathologies and prognosis. I cannot stress enough how kind all the doctors were to the students, they were exhilarated to have us there and were always going out of there way to make sure we had a tutor with us. Most patients who presented in the emergency department were cardiac related, cirrhosis or/and hepatitis B which are unfortunately quite a big problem in Vietnam.